Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Sleeping Giant

With renewed enthusiasm and momentum on their side, we will soon see the new and improved immigration agenda begin to move forward in the next Legislative Session.

This time, it will be different.

Those interested in "immigration reform" have learned they can't do it in a radical way.  No.  They have learned they need to be moderately compassionate.  A big THANK YOU to those who opened the door for them.

Here are the reasons listed for the new push for comprehensive immigration reform:

1.  The recall of Senator Pearce
2.  A (completely biased) Morrison Institute Survey claiming that 78 percent of Arizonans would support a pathway to citizenship for longtime residents whose presence is undocumented

In their eyes, these factors are the reasons why we should push for an immediate campaign in favor of an Arizona version of the Utah Compact.  Principles for "humane" immigration reform.

According to Stephen Lemons from the Phoenix New times,

"I know there are individuals and groups working on such an effort now behind the scenes....Earlier this year, attempts at getting such a compact approved by the
Mesa City Council dissipated despite the best efforts of those involved.

But this is a different day, as has been acknowledged,
 finally, by almost every mainstream media outlet in Arizona.

Such a movement is not something I as a commentator or as a reporter can instigate, obviously.
It must be authentic, one comprised of business leaders,
Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, clergy, activists and ordinary citizens.

We've seen this strategy before.

Let us introduce you to those business leaders, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, clergy, activists and ordinary citizens.   THE REAL ARIZONA COALITION.  I suppose that would be TRAC in leftist, acronym terms.

The Coalition Includes:
Since May, 2011 TRAC has sponsored Arizona Immigration Solutions Conferences held around the state along with the group Arizona Employers For Immigration Reform.  Topics of discussion include:
  • The economic impacts of the Legal Arizona Workers Act, S.B. 1070 and other immigration policies on Arizona

  • Find out about the Utah Compact
  • Discover how other states have learned from Arizona's actions
  • Discuss other solutions to the immigration problem
  • Meet national leaders concerned about fixing the immigration problem

    It is an attempt to "change the tone of the immigration debate."

    According to the co-founder, James E Garcia,

    “We can’t create an environment that (portrays) immigrants as the enemy or somehow a net drain on our economy.  We should understand them for what they overwhelmingly are: people, families and individuals who come to this country with the intent of helping build up this country. And if you look at the facts, that has ultimately been borne out...We certainly offer a moderate voice to the debate, but it is a voice that is motivated by the idea that immigrants should be treated with respect and they are a necessary part of our economy and society.

    It is rumored that this same organization will be spearheading the push for immigration reform in the next legislative session.  The plan is for the Hispanics to push a more "radical" bill so when this group comes in with their more "humane" approach, it will appear "compassionate" and "reasonable".  Because the group will be comprised of members of the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and Interfaith organizations, it will give the appearance of a bipartisan, mainstream coalition. 

    Rumor also has it that Rep. Catherine Miranda is going to be pushing some of these moderate immigration bills. She has already been out looking for co-sponsors. This is the same Rep. Miranda who made comments like this in regards to past immigration legislation daring to define an "Arizona Citizen" comparing the agenda to that of Nazi Germany,

    “Today in Arizona, thousands of Arizona mothers go to work not knowing if they
    will return to their families or end up in deportation centers.  Who can doubt that we are experiencing a holocaust in Arizona.”

    Rep. Miranda also attended the Arizona Immigration Solutions Conference held in Mesa on September 17, 2011.   One would suspect she will be heavily involved in upcoming legislation. 

    She will more than likely have the support from people like newly elected Senator, Jerry Lewis.  Within days of his election, he joined other immigration activists in a national teleconference to mark the November 11, 2010 adoption of the Utah Compact.  Even Petra Falcon went on Democracy Now! right after the election and praised Lewis' sense of humane civility and desire to keep families together.

    Lewis said,

    "The Utah Compact has had a tremendous influence on the state of Arizona and more particularly this recent election.  What it did was give a set of guiding principles that would help people realize that there is hope on the way.
    We don't need to have knee-jerk reactions to the real issues.
    We need to focus on principles to guide that discussion,
    and the Utah Compact did just that."

    The article states about the Utah Compact:

    "The compact -- endorsed by numerous political, business and religious leaders in Utah --
    says the nation must find ways other than strict enforcement to deal with people
    who are here illegally but working productively."

    Did you catch the wording?  "Endorsed by numerous political, business and religious leaders".

    I'm sure we'll see this phrase used over, and over, and over.

    Our cause had to be all shining justice, allied with the angels;
    theirs had to be all evil, tied to the Devil;
    in no war has the enemy or the cause ever been gray. (Alinsky 1972: 3)