Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jerry Lewis, Andy Tobin and Karen Fann Campaigns Aided By Unions **UPDATED DONATIONS**

Let us introduce you to yet another Independent Expenditure called "Safe Communities."

 We recently came across Safe Communities when we discovered that they contributed $18,000 to help support "lewsly republican" Jerry Lewis in District 26.  They also donated $18,000 to help support Democrat Barbara McGuire running against Ortiz in District 8.  Mr. Ortiz has received ZERO help from the various Republican funds to fight the over $124,000 spent by the Democrats.

Let's see who exactly IS "Safe Communities."

Some of the money given to Safe Communities came from firefighters and law enforcement unions.  Safe Communities also received a $13,000 contribution from another IE called "People For Arizona."  People for Arizona spent $20,000 to help Andy Tobin and Karen Fann in the primary election to defeat Lori Klein.

People for Arizona received a $45,000 donation from the IE called Residents for Accountability.  Remember this group? The Chairman is Israel Torres.  Torres paid Obama's former Mao-loving Communications Director Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen's company, SKDKnickerbocker $24,000 for polling and consulting.  Residents for Accountability also gave Torres' other IE, Revitalize Arizona, **$700,000** which has been spent to defeat Republicans such as Chester Crandell, Frank Antenori, and John McComish.

Who donated to Residents for Accountability?

The Arizona Pipe Trades Union 469  gave **$587,000**.  The IBEW donated **$100,000** and the Firefighters Union gave **$30,000**. 

The Arizona Pipe Trades Union 469 has paid Torres' firm $144,000 for "consulting fees" through May 2012 and another $64,000 between May and September.

Torres' firm is listed as the email contact for the Pipe Trades Union 469.  The Pipe Trades Union donated to one Republican, Andy Tobin's campaign in 2010.  The union also made a $50,000 political donation to a PAC in October 2011 listed only as "A Better Arizona" and whose address is the same as the Torres Law Firm.  However, we were unable to locate a PAC with the name "A Better Arizona."  The closest we found was Citizens For A Better Arizona, founded by agitator Randy Parraz to fight Russell Pearce and support Jerry Lewis during the 2011 recall.  The October 17, 2011 donation would have been during the time of the recall which might explain Torres' continued support for Jerry Lewis.

So Jerry Lewis, Andy Tobin and Karen Fann have received help from radical leftists. 

Turning Arizona Blue.....

Monday, October 29, 2012

Republican Victory Fund/Republican House Victory

A few months ago during the primary elections, we brought your attention to the Independent Expenditure called the Republican Victory Fund. This was a fund set up by Republicans in the legislature for the purpose of maintaining a Republican majority.  The money was never intended to be used during a primary election to support one Republican candidate over another.  However, the fund which is overseen by Senate President Steve Pierce and his campaign manager, Camilla Strongin, chose to donate upwards of $80,000 to support establishment candidate Rich Crandall over John Fillmore in the primary. 

A gross misuse of the fund's intent.

In an article from AZ Central titled "Primary Puts Arizona Senate On A More Centrist Path," Senate President Steve Pierce said,

"Sen. Rich Crandall's 4-point win over Rep. John Fillmore in the East Valley was key to ensuring the next Senate will remain focused on job creation and the economy...retaining Crandall was important, not only because of the Mesa lawmaker's focus on education, but because Crandall has focused on economic issues."

Makes you wonder exactly what kind of education and economic bills Pierce would introduce in the next session should he maintain his position as Senate President.  Would the bills have anything to do with Medicaid exchanges for ObamaCare?

As we pointed out in our previous entry, wasting $80,000 on Crandall during a primary meant that there would be $80,000 less to help elect Republican candidates in the general election.

What we have recently discovered is that Senate President Pierce and his counterpart, House Speaker Andy Tobin, are once again being very selective as to who they have chosen to help in the general election.  Are they only supporting those who would be a "vote" for them to retain their leadership positions in the legislature?

Again, a gross misuse of the fund's intent.

As a reminder, Senator Pierce's campaign manager, Camilla Strongin, is the Chairman of the Republican Victory Fund.  Also, Strongin's company, The Engaging Company, has received an astounding $137,000 in consulting fees which is more than a quarter of the total funds raised.  The Engaging Company has also received over $86,000 for "consulting" on Pierce's campaign.

The Treasurer of the Victory Fund is Hieu Tran.  Tran is also listed as the Treasurer for Steve Pierce's campaign and is the contact (email and address) for the House Victory Fund.  Tran has been paid over $1100 for accounting services from the House Victory Fund. 

We're sure that these connections are merely an odd coincidence.

Here are the abbreviations for the various Republican and Democrat Independent Expenditures who have poured an eye-raising amount of money into the election.  The ones in RED are the Republican funds and show how much money was spend in SUPPORT of the Republican candidate/s.  The ones in BLUE are the Democrat funds which show how much money was spent to DEFEAT the Republican candidate/s.  We are only going to show the Republican candidates.

RHV - Republican House Victory
RVF - Republican Victory Fund
AAP - Arizona Accountability Project (organization headed by Linda Somo who helped elect Bob Worsley)
AV - America Votes (organization affiliated with Campaign For Community Change who helped Jerry Lewis during the LD18 recall election)
RA - Revitalize Arizona (received help from Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen's Company)

The Democrats are clearly targeting the Senate seat for District 6.  Considering the money Crandell has received from both the House and Senate IEs, will he (and the House candidates) be beholden to support the current leadership?

House - Barton/Thorpe
RHV - $32,600
RVF - $5400
AV - $6800

Senate - Crandell
RHV - $2700
RVF - $118,000
AAP - $146,000
AV - $14,400
RA - $20,700

Why is the Senate candidate not receiving ANY help from the Republican funds to counter the $110,000 spent by the Democrats to defeat Ortiz? Clearly, this seems to be a "win-able" district in the House given the lack of Democratic funding and strong RHV support, so why is the Senate candidate not receiving any aide?

House - Pratt/Shope
RHV - $57,200
AV - $8800

Senate - Ortiz
AAP - $116,000
AV - $14,000

Why would the ONE Republican candidate running for the House against 2 Democrat candidates receive $38,000  from the RHV (which is more than twice the amount of money Orr has raised for his campaign) while the Senate candidate has received nothing?  It's not as if the Senate Democrat candidate, Steve Farley, has had a lot of outside help.  He has only received $1800 in support from the IE America Votes. 

House - Orr
RHV - $38,900

Senate - Mott
AV - $3000

Why would the RHV fund outspend their Democratic opponents by a 5-1 margin in the House election while the RVF gave absolutely NOTHING to the incumbent Senator, Frank Antenori, whose opponent has benefitted from over $143,000 in help from outside leftist groups? Is it because Antenori might not be a vote for Pierce should he run again for Senate President?

House - Clodfelter/Vogt
RHV - $37,800
(Vogt also received an additional $20,800 from the RHV....nothing specifically went to help Clodfelter)
AV - $9200

Senate - Antenori
AAP - $40,000
AV - $14,000
RA - $93,000

The Democrats in this district have outraised the Republicans by almost 2 to 1.  While Democrats have not used any IE money, perhaps this might be a good use of the Republican IEs to counter the additional money the Democrats have raised.  Unless, perhaps, they would not be a vote for Pierce or Tobin? 

House - Gowan/Stevens

Senate - Griffin

Yarbrough had a last minute donation from the RVF on October 26th in the amount of $13,000.  This is curious since his Democrat opponent, Bill Gates, hasn't received any help from IEs nor have any IEs spent money opposing Yarbrough.  Is his vote for Pierce being bought?

Senate - Yarbrough
RVF - $13,000

Why have both the House and Senate candidates received help from the RHV and the RVF in this district? The Democrats spent less than $10k fighting the Republican candidates in the House. However, the Democrats are clearly attempting to defeat McComish.  Pierce knows that a McComish loss would mean one less vote of support.  To Pierce, ensuring a win in District 18 is critical, even if it means sacrificing a seat from, say, a District 10.

House - Dial/Robson
RHV - $40,000
RVF - $6400
AV - $9800

Senate - McComish
RHV - $5000
RVF - $132,000
AAP - $97,000
AV - $15,000
RA - $188,000

Yee just recently received help from the RVF after having already received over $22k from other groups yet the only opposition she has seen is $1400 from Planned Parenthood.  Why would Ms. Yee even NEED help?  The Democrats have another IE called "Building Arizona's Future" whose Chairman is State Senator David Lujan who has spent $70,000 attacking Mr. Seel. The best the RHV can do is $15,000? 

House - Boyer/Seel
RHV - $15,600

Senate - Yee
RVF - $12,000

The Democrats haven't spent any money to help their candidates in this district and the Republican candidates have outraised their opponents which implies it should be an easy win for Republicans. So, did the two Republican House candidates need $8000 for their campaigns?  Why has Rick Murphy not received ANY help in his Senate race? Maybe because Murphy complained that Tobin held his union bills?

It is worthy to note that Rick Gray's wife, Lisa Gray, is the Treasurer of his campaign.  She is also running for Maricopa County Republican Chair.  Take a guess what side of the Republican aisle she might represent.

House - Gray/Lesko
RHV - $8000

Senate - Murphy

If money was spent on a lone Republican House candidate in District 9, why is there no money to help the one Republican running for the House in this district?

House - Kaufman

Lewis has also received $46,000 from Steve Pierce's IE called the UA Friends for Arizona, $3500 from the Cattlefeeders, $1000 from the Farm Bureau and another $4500 from the Dairymen. Why is Lewis receiving so much help from IEs that generally support candidates who represent rural areas?  Lewis isn't running to represent Prescott.  Why is he receiving help from Pierce's IE whose donors are alumni of the University of Arizona when Lewis is representing a district that is home to ASU?  Why are Speakman or Taylor not receiving any help at all from the RHV?

House - Speakman/Taylor
AV - $9800

Senate - Lewis
RVF - $67,000
AV - $15,500

(We want to take the opportunity to inform and remind our readers that groups who supported Lewis' election during the recall are now shockingly donating to Democrats.  Such as, Las Adelitas who donated $350 to CBA during the recall and has now donated to Democrats in District 8, 9 and 10).

Alex Soto (L), Randy Parraz, Laura Dent (2nd from right)

There are two incumbent Republicans running against one Democrat for the two House seats. Did the RHV REALLY need to give $72k in a House race where the Democrats have spent only $600 in opposition? McGee's campaign finance statements show that she has received donations from the President of the Cattleman as well as countless other lobbyists. McGee was also endorsed by Jon Kyl. I think we know where this is going.

House - McGee/Reeve
RHV - $72,600
AV -  $600

This pattern of donations only makes sense if you were to look at it in the context of Steve Pierce and Andy Tobin's desire to retain their seats of power as President and Speaker of the House.  They are clearly using this money to not just help any Republican get elected, but only to help THEIR Republicans who, in turn, will help THEM maintain power.

They should rename the IE to reflect the REAL purpose:

Pierce Victory Fund and the Tobin House Victory.

We will update the numbers as they are reported.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Romney's Quiet Prayer Amidst The Sound Of Thunder

An insider's view of Romney's recent rally in Colorado. 

As the governor was en route to the amphitheatre they were told the crowd was showing “strong numbers”. What greeted him was a lot more than just “strong numbers” though. It was a massive wave of thousands and thousands of supporters. 

Before going on the governor apparently peeked out a few times and was shaking his head in disbelief at just how many people were there to see him. He was told by organizers up to a thousand more were turned away because there simply wasn’t any room left. People said you could feel the size of the crowd under your feet backstage. Somebody had passed out a ton of “thundersticks” and the people were banging them together and making this amazing rumbling noise. There were some real veteran campaigners backstage and I’m told they were all blown away by this crowd in Colorado. It really was like some big time rock show. Just a huge response for the governor.

So Governor Romney goes onstage and gives his speech. The crowd just totally embraces him. From beginning to end. Every word. They are fired up. Loud. Positive. Cheering. Just an amazing moment for the campaign. Everybody backstage were all smiles and peeking out at all those people and shaking their heads. This is the kind of moment in a campaign you never forget. Ever. Nobody who hasn’t experienced it can really understand this feeling. You’re looking at a candidate being transformed right in front of your eyes into the next Leader of the Free World. They go from being human into something just a bit more. It’s all those people. That energy. It kind of fills the candidate up and makes them bigger than life. And you are watching it happen in real time. Right then.

The governor returns backstage and he is smiling and shaking hands, taking congratulations from everybody around him. He’s saying how great it was. Somebody yells out he’s going to win Colorado and the governor laughs and says he thinks so too. And then something very interesting happens. He moves away from the group of people just a bit. Maybe ten or fifteen feet or so. Just enough to have a little space to himself. And enough people notice that the area gets a lot more quiet, and they are trying to watch the governor without looking like they are watching the governor. They can all kind of tell something is happening right then. It was described as something very peaceful and powerful that came over that backstage area for a moment. 

And the governor, he lowers his head and his eyes shut tight and you could see him take a slow deep breath and then he lets it out and says quietly, but just loud enough for some to hear, “Lord, if this is your will, please help to make me worthy. Please give me the strength Lord.” And then his eyes open up, and he’s back to smiling and laughing and shaking hands and being the candidate once again.

I’m 100% convinced Mitt Romney was shaken to his soul right then and there. I think at that moment it was sinking in he might really be the next American president, and it humbled him right to his core, in every nerve of his body. And as he was saying that little prayer, you could hear the sound of thunder from all those thundersticks outside. Like this huge low rumble that just surrounded all of them at once. A quiet little prayer, and the sound of thunder.

The sound of God.

"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God." 

--George Washington

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Residents For Accountability/Revitalize Arizona And Anita Dunn?

We first brought you the Independent Expenditure group called America Votes.

Next up, another IE called "Residents for Accountability."

The Chairman of this group is Israel Torres.  Torres is a partner in the Torres Consulting and Law Group and has received numerous awards such as one from Valle del Sol and the Daniel Ortega Public Service award.  Clients of the Torres firm include countless trade unions throughout the country.  Torres also sits on the board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

One of the partners in the Torres firm is James Barton who was the Assistant Attorney General in 2010 who dropped the recall petitions challenge by Russell Pearce.

Residents for Accountability gave over $137,000 to another IE called "Revitalize Arizona" which Torres also Chairs.

Revitalize Arizona then spent the money to defeat Republicans such as John McComish (Senate District 18), Frank Antenori (Senator District 10) and Chester Crandell (Senator District 6) while supporting their Democrat opponents Tom Chabin (Senator District 6), Jane Hydrick (Senate District 18)  and David Bradley (Senate District 10).

Where else did Revitalize Arizona spend their money?

Democratic polling companies such as Lake Research Partners ($28,000) and SKD Knickerbocker ($24,000) both located in Washington D.C. .

The President of Lake Research is Celinda Lake.  Lake Research claims to be the "Most respected Democratic polling firms in the country."

It continues...

"The firms work has moved the Progressive agenda forward on a variety of issues.  Working against conservatives, Celinda's research demonstrated that the phrase 'religious political extremists' was much more communicative than the vernacular 'religious right.'  In the healthcare arena, her research showed that talking about 'reducing healthcare costs' and the 8 out of 10 working families without adequate health insurance was key."

Clients of Lake Research Partners include:

Bill Clinton
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Janet Napolitano
Sheila Jackson Lee
UFCW Arizona
SEIU Arizona
Ballot initiatives:  opposed California Prop 4 in 2008 which would require parental notification for an abortion, the Arizona Prop 107 "same sex marriage" amendment, and Arizona Prop 202 also in 2006 to increase the minimum wage.

The other company which was paid by Revitalize Arizona was SKD Knickerbocker.  The letters "SKD" stand for "Squier, Knapp, Dunn".  

The "Dunn" in SKD is none other than Obama's former White House Communications Mao-loving director, Anita Dunn who has gone on to represent Sandra Fluke in her faux media firestorm charade.  Prior to her White House position, Dunn served on Obama's 2008 campaign consulting team as the Senior Advisor/Chief Communications Officer.

Another managing director for SKDKnickerbocker is Hilary "Ann Romney never worked a day in her life" Rosen.

These two companies were paid over $50,000 to help progressive groups in Arizona defeat Republicans in an effort to move the Arizona Senate more to the left.

Turning Arizona Blue......

Sunday, October 21, 2012

America Votes

Before we post our recent findings on the Republican Victory Fund, we came across some other, rather disturbing, bits of information which we thought we should pass along.  We'll present the information in two separate entries so as to not confuse the different affiliations.

The first installment will be on an Independent Expenditure group called America Votes who registered in Arizona on October 17, 2012.  Joan Fitz-Gerald is the President of America Votes which is headquartered in Washington D.C.

Partners of America Votes include:

Arizona AFL-CIO
Arizona SEIU
UFCW Local 99
AFSCME Local 3111
Emily's List
Arizona List (Committee for Pro-choice Democratic Women)
Planned Parenthood
NARAL-Pro Choice
Center for Community Change

Of course, we're familiar with groups like the AFL-CIO, SEIU, NEA, and Planned Parenthood.  Some of the others might seem a bit more obscure.

But, remember the Center for Community Change? 

Their "action arm" called Campaign for Community Change is an organization that donated $9000 to the leftist group, Promise Arizona, to help support "republican" Jerry Lewis during the recall election.  Jerry Lewis even chipped in a $100 donation to PAZ in June and the only candidate that PAZ helped during the primary election was Raquel Teran, Randy Parraz's community organizer sidekick.  Quid pro quo.  Wouldn't it be ironic if PAZ helps Jerry Lewis' opponent in the general election?

Also, the leaders of the Arizona AFL-CIO (Rebekah Friend and Paul Castaneda) personally helped Randy Parraz get Jerry Lewis elected.  In fact, Castaneda is the treasurer of Moving Mesa Forward, Parraz and Chad Snow's creation which donated over $6500 to help Bob Worsley defeat Russell Pearce in the 2012 primary election.  Someone might want to inform Snow that they owe $150 in late fees for their group.

So, imagine our surprise when we noticed that America Votes contributed to Jerry Lewis' Democratic opponent, Ed Ableser.

What?  Wait a second...the same groups that helped Jerry Lewis get elected during the recall are now donating to his opposition?  

And not only are they donating to support Ed Ableser but they are also donating to Andrew Sherwood's campaign.  Sherwood was a big help to Parraz during the recall effort.  He was also the best man at Todd Landfried's wedding.

Sherwood and Landfried, spokesman for the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform:

Landfried and Lydia Guzman:

Raquel Teran, Randy Parraz and AFL-CIO Paul Castaneda

Todd Landfried hugging Jerry Lewis on election night:

Who would have EVER seen that coming?

Remember when the Director of Center for Community Change, Deepak Bhargava, said this on Obama's Poverty Agenda?

Three ingredients necessary for transformational change to happen.
(6:17) "We do need visionary leadership that's capable of building durable coalitions. We need crisis, economic, foreign policy or otherwise, that force the breakdown of old paradigms and old ways of seeing the world. And most importantly, we need independent social movements that create public will to generate ideas that will deliver votes."

and this on immigration.

"...a group of immigrant leaders approached me and the Center for Community Change with the idea of doing a national campaign to win legalization for the growing population of undocumented people in the US. At that time, the topic was unspeakable in polite Washington conversation discourse—no politician, no national advocacy organization would tackle it. Partly because of the extraordinary quality of the leaders that approached us, and partly because it was so clear that we couldn’t be an anti-poverty organization without tackling immigration, we decided to go all-in.
We helped to form what was the earliest pro-legalization coalition in the country,
and we’ve been in it ever since."
Turning Arizona blue.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Arizona Accountability Project

On September 10th, an independent expenditure group registered under the name the Arizona Accountability Project.

The Chairman of the group is Linda Somo and the Treasurer listed is Joseph Losada.

Losada is the CPA for the illegal immigrant sympathizer organization Valle del Sol   who is part of another lawsuit against SB1070.  The group claims that they might be discriminated against simply because of their name. 

One of the Senior management members for Valle del Sol is Luz Sarmina. Sarmina is also a member of "The Real Arizona Coalition" which includes groups such as Chicanos por la Causa, proponents of the Arizona Accord, Todd Landfried from the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, Friendly House, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, etc. Many of whom are listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Linda Somo is the President of the Arizona Education Association-Retired organization.

Linda Somo also hosted a meet and greet with Bob Worsley during the primary campaign sponsored by the Mesa Education Association.  When it was discovered that the Mesa Education Association was an affiliate of the Saul Alinsky Industrial Areas Foundation, the meet and greet invite information was scrubbed from Worsley's Facebook page.

Mesa Education Association (May 9, 2012)

Join friends and neighbors to meet the candidate Bob Worsley...Republican candidate for AZ State Senate in new LD25. Monday, May 14 6:30 PM 4240 E. Hope St. Mesa, AZ 85205 RSVP to Linda Somo at Refreshments provided.

The Arizona Accountability Project has received $300,000 from another IE called Revive Arizona Now.  Joseph Losada is listed as the treasurer for both funds. 

Revive Arizona Now received funding from:

Great Schools Now - $50k
NEA - $266k
UFCW - $90k
Building Arizona's Future $20k
Arizona LIST PAC - $5k
Mi Familia Vota - $50k
Southwest Regional Carpenters $100k

The Arizona Accountability Project has since donated to either advocate the election or defeat of candidates in the upcoming general election.  Such as:

Advocating election of Tom Chabin - Democrat District 6 running against Republican Chester Crandell   $146k

Advocating defeat of Joe Ortiz - Republican District 8 running against Democrat Barbara McGuire $116k

Advocating defeat of Jerry Lewis - Republican District 26 running against Democrat Ed Ableser  $75k

Advocating defeat of John McComish - Republican District 18 running against Democrat Jane Hydrick  $97k

Advocating defeat of Frank Antenori - Republican District 10 running against Democrat David Bradley  $40k

We couldn't understand why Mr. Lewis would choose to mingle with radical leftists during the recall election.  It didn't make sense why Mr. Worlsey would chose to pander to a group of leftists during the primary election.  Linda Somo donated $50 to his campaign.  We also couldn't figure out why those on Worsley's campaign upon learning about Ms. Somo, chose to push the narrative that she was just a "harmless grandma having a few neighbors over for cookies." 

It appears that the "harmless grandma" has contributed over $36k to defeat Worsley's pal, Jerry Lewis, in spite of the fact that these groups (Valle del Sol, Chicanos por la Causa, Todd Landfried, etc) helped Lewis win the recall election. 


The sweet grandma also gave another $30k to defeat Lewis' other Buddie, John McComish. 

Rich Crandall, John McComish, Bob Worsley, Jerry Lewis, Adam Driggs on Primary Election night.

Partnering with ignorant and willful "Republicans",  just another way the left is turning Arizona blue.

Up next.....the Republican Victory Fund

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What Did Randy Parraz Expect?

Parraz and his groupies showed up to the Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors meeting the day the Supervisors were prepared to vote on a $3.25 million settlement for the family of Debra Braillard, who died in a county jail.  While there, Parraz and his toadies did nothing but cause an unnecessary distraction, as usual.  This is just another example of the community organizer's idea of a "non-violent, direct action" protest.

Only this time, it backfired.

And in true community organizer fashion, he then turned around and blamed others for his actions.  Just like another community organizer we know. 

See the spectacle for yourself.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama's Audacity: Indoctrination Of Our School Children

This video was taken at an elementary school celebrating MLK day.  In the background you can hear King's speech.  On the video itself, one can only see images of the new self-appointed King.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Four Years Of An Obama White House: The Audacity.

What four years of an Obama White House has given us.

Remember when....

Obama promised in his 2008 campaign that "When there is a bill that ends up on my desk as president, you will have five days to look online and find out what's in it before I sign it?"

Obama also promised in his 2008 campaign that he would broadcast negotiations on C-SPAN because he wanted the American people to see so that they would not be done behind closed doors?

Obama received a "Transparency Award" in a secret, closed door presentation?

Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing?

Obama took over the student loan industry  and barred private lenders from making government-guaranteed loans which strapped taxpayers with $100B in student loans per year and the risk that it will ever be paid back?  And then Obama capped the minimum payment from 15% of one's discretionary income to 10% as well as decreased the number of years when the remaining loan would be forgiven from 25 to 20 years?

Remember when.....

Obama broke the record for the number of unaccountable Czars that he appointed in an effort to circumvent Congress?

Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar, Kevin Jennings, admitted that the goal was to get a gay/lesbian curriculum in our public schools?  Jennings also claimed that school vouchers are anti-gay?  Oh, and that they put together a film intended to be shown in US history classes in our public schools?  They also acknowledged that it is hard to win this fight in a parochial school, "Lord forbid a Baptist or Mormon school?"

Obama injected himself into our children's schools to speak to them at the beginning of the school year?  Part of his 2009 speech said, "You’ll need the knowledge and problem-solving skills you learn in science and math to cure diseases like cancer and AIDS, and to develop new energy technologies and protect our environment. You’ll need the insights and critical thinking skills you gain in history and social studies to fight poverty and homelessness, crime and discrimination, and make our nation more fair and more free. You’ll need the creativity and ingenuity you develop in all your classes to build new companies that will create new jobs and boost our economy. "

His 2010 speech wasn't much better.  Parental involvement came in third on his list of priorities.  He said, "So, you have an obligation to yourselves, and America has an obligation to you to make sure you’re getting the best education possible. It will take all of us in government doing our part to prepare our students, all of them, for success in the classroom, in college, and in a career. It will take an outstanding principal and outstanding teachers; teachers who go above and beyond for their students. And it will take parents who are committed to your education.  That’s what we have to do for you. That’s our responsibility. That’s our job. "

He also took the opportunity to point out "diversity" and plug his "anti-bullying" campaign by saying, "When I was your age, I was wrestling with questions about who I was; about what it meant to be the son of a white mother and a black father..Some of you may be working through your own questions right now, and coming to terms with what makes you different...And I know that figuring all that out can be even more difficult when you’ve got bullies in class who try to use those differences to pick on you or poke fun at you; We shouldn’t be embarrassed by the things that make us different. We should be proud of them."   A month later, Obama launched his "anti-gay" bullying campaign. (see Kevin Jennings above)

By 2011, Obama's new school year speech didn't even mention parents involvement in their children's education. 

Remember when.....

Obama declared a national emergency for the swine flu (H1N1) and recommended that those in the high risk categories such as pregnant women and the elderly should be vaccinated?  And then remember that a report came out later which showed that there was a 2,400% increase in H1N1 vaccine-related "fetal demise?"

Obama forced the closure of GM car dealerships as part of the auto industry bailout and then reports later showed that many of the dealerships retained were minority or woman-owned?  And that a disproportionate number of Obama-forced closings were of rural dealerships in areas unfriendly to Obama in 2008?  And that thousands of jobs were unnecessarily lost due to Obama's "mandate for shared sacrifice?"

Obama tried to use his Justice Department to shut down Gibson Guitars back in  2009  and again in 2011, while Michelle Obama gave a Gibson Guitar as a gift to the French Prime Minister's wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkosy ?

Obama said that the Republicans shouldn't allow the debt ceiling to be used to put a "gun against the heads of Americans" just six months after Gabby Giffords was shot?  Because remember, Democrats used the tragedy to attack Republicans like Sarah Palin, even implying that she was personally responsible because she "targeted" vulnerable Democrats.

Obama criticized Bush for being "irresponsible" and "unpatriotic" by increasing our debt and then said he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term?

Obama claimed a Cambridge, Massachusetts cop "acted stupidly" without having any of the facts when the police arrested Obama's friend, Henry Louis Gates Jr?

Obama said in 2006, "If we don't take these steps now (subsidize renewable energy) there's going to be a day when we look back at that $3.05 or $3.15 gasoline as the good old days?"

Remember when....
Obama insulted our ally, Great Britain, over and over and over?  First, by removing the Winston Churchill bust from the Oval Office, then giving a completely useless DVD set to the Prime Minister and and iPod to the Queen?  Then there was the issue of the Falkland Islands, BP and claiming France was our biggest ally in the region?

Then remember when....

Obama was dissed by Queen Elizabeth for his embarrassing toast?


Obama dissed Netanyahu?


The Dalai Lama was greeted by trash as he left the White House?

Remember when....

Obama said in 2006, "I agree with most Americans, with Democrats and Republicans, with Vice President Cheney, with over 2,000 religious leaders of all different beliefs, that decisions about marriage, as they always have, should be left to the states,"  but then has opposed state ballot measures banning same-sex marriage in CaliforniaNorth Carolina, Minnesota?

Obama said in his Presidential announcement speech, "And when all else fails, when Katrina happens, or the death toll in Iraq mounts, we've been told that our crises are somebody elses fault. We're distracted from our real failures, and told to blame the other party, or gay people, or immigrants.  And as people have looked away in disillusionment and frustration, we know what's filled the void. The cynics, and the lobbyists, and the special interests who've turned our government into a game only they can afford to play. They write the checks and you get stuck with the bills, they get the access while you get to write a letter" and then proceeded to fill his administration with lobbyists?

Obama pledged to not accept campaign donations from lobbyists?

Obama pronounced "Corpsman" "Corpse man?"

And finally, remember when Obama said,"My Presidency will be a one-term proposition if the economy doesn't turn around in three years?"

Let's remember to hold him to it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obama's REAL Voter Suppression: Our Military

Obama and his (in)justice department have been out in full force attempting to strike down state laws which would require a photo ID to vote.  These laws are deemed "racist" by the Obama administration because they feel that it disenfranchises minorities who evidently don't think voting is important enough to go to the DMV and obtain a free ID. 

But, needing a photo ID in order to get on an airplane, buy alcohol or cash a check is fine. 

While we have been distracted by this non-story, the focus has been taken away from the REAL voter suppression which is going on in this country against our own military.

Obama knew after he was first elected that he needed to plan ahead for his reelection campaign.  He knew that while he enjoyed 54% of the military vote in 2008, that it was an anomaly as generally, military votes tend to lean Republican.  This time around, polls suggest Romney has a 58% approval rating amongst military members while Obama is pulling a mere 34%. 

So, how do you suppress the military vote?

You pass the M.O.V.E. Act.  (Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act) which was one of the first things Obama did once he took office in 2009.

The MOVE Act requires the Pentagon to create an “installation voting assistance office” (IVAO) for every military base close to a combat zone.  (Shouldn't the DoD be tasked with focusing on our DEFENSE?)  IVAOs are supposed to help military personnel and make it easier for them to register to vote.  But IVAOs can’t help anybody vote if they don’t even exist.  See, Congress PASSED the M.O.V.E. Act, they just didn't FUND it.

But, that was kind of the plan, wasn't it?  Over promise, under deliver.  

A recent report by the Department of Defense’s inspector general found that in half of the 229 overseas military installations the DoD hadn’t set up the IVAO facilities that the law mandates.  The DoD inspector general tried to contact each one of the 229 offices listed on the military's own voting assistance website. It only managed to get ahold of 114, less than 50 percent.

Pam Mitchell, the interim director of the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), told reporters that there's an explanation for that.  She said,

"The contact information they used very simply was outdated.  In a military environment, things change. Phone numbers change, email addresses change."

She doesn't know the phone number or email for half of our military bases?

So, how do you resolve this problem?

You do what the Obama administration always does...grant waivers.

The Defense Department has granted waivers to states that claim to be unable to mail absentee ballots to soldiers in the required 45 days before Election Day in order to ensure that the ballots will have time to be mailed back. 

It is no surprise to learn that in 2010 all the jurisdictions that received waivers under the MOVE Act were won by President Obama in the 2008 election. (Delaware, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington). 

Then we have the Department of Justice/Civil Rights Division to make sure that the newly passed law is being properly implemented, headed by Eric Holder.  THIS  Eric Holder:

As a freshman at Columbia University in 1970, future Attorney General Eric Holder participated in a five-day occupation of an abandoned Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) headquarters with a group of black students later described by the university’s Black Students’ Organization as “armed,” The Daily Caller has learned.

What could possibly go wrong?

 Tom Perez from the Civil Rights division said,
"People who are serving our nation should have the right to cast a ballot and ensure that that ballot is counted.  And so we will continue to vigilantly enforce [the] law to make sure that happens."

He SOUNDS tough.  But then you look at his actions which speak louder than his words.

Let's see how Perez enforced the law in Illinois.  In 2010, the democratically controlled state failed to mail ballots to its military members in nearly 1/3 of the state's counties.  Perez allowed 6 of the 35 counties who were not in compliance to extend the postmark deadline one whole day, from November 1 to November 2.  Voters in the other 29 counties were out of luck.

Disgusted by the actions of the Department of Justice, three House Republicans, including Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Lamar Smith of Texas and Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Howard McKeon of California, wrote a letter to Perez saying public records and media reports "have painted a picture of widespread noncompliance" with the MOVE Act that was "aided and abetted by an enforcement authority that is entirely ineffective."

They continued:

"What we find most troubling about this situation is the Department of Justice, which has the sole and exclusive authority to bring actions to enforce [the law], not only failed to ensure compliance but apparently was not even aware when widespread noncompliance occurred."

Probably because Perez was too busy helping illegal alien sympathizers sue Arizona over alleged "racial profiling" and fighting to drop voter suppression cases involving the Black Panthers.

Fast forward to 2012.

The number of absentee ballots requested by military members has seen a SIGNIFICANT drop from previous years.  And by significant, we mean game-changing.

Percent of military members requesting absentee ballots in 2012:

Florida  15.7%
Alaska  7.6%
Nevada  6.8%
Louisiana  6.4%
Colorado  6.2%
Illinois  5.3%
Ohio  3.3%
North Carolina  1.7%
Virginia 1.4%

Let's take a closer look at the numbers.  The first number is the number of absentee ballot requests from 2008.  The second number is for 2012:

Florida        86,926/37,953
Alaska         11,882/3878
Nevada           4919/1750
Louisiana        6796/1983
Colorado        5104/2986
Illinois            9858/3532
Ohio             13,317/1806
North Carolina 13,508/1859
Virginia           20,738/1746

To put these numbers in perspective, there are a total of 116,393 FEWER ballots requested and potential votes cast in 2012 compared to 2008.  If Romney maintains his 58% military support, that means roughly 67,500 FEWER votes he will be able to receive.

This would translate to a loss of the following votes for Romney:

Florida    -28,000
Nevada      -1800
Colorado    -1200
Ohio           -6675
North Carolina   -6750
Virginia     -11,000

Is it any coincidence that most of the states listed above are swing states?  Currently, these states show only a 1-2% difference in the polls between Romney and Obama.  Don't forget, Florida went to George W. Bush by only a few hundred votes. 

Aside from the obvious contempt that Obama has towards our military, why is there such an attempt to silence the military vote?

Because, soldiers can’t fight back.

The military can't openly complain about their Commander-in-Chief and they are too busy fighting for our freedom and our right to vote.