Friday, December 9, 2011

Laughable Hypocrisy of the Day

An article on AZCentral today:

Democratic lawmaker says

An Arizona state senator wants Gov. Jan Brewer to cancel the state's presidential preference election, saying elected officials should instead spend the money on education and job creation.

Which Senator was this, you ask?

Wait for it.............

Wait for it.................

Senator Steve Gallardo.

In his letter, Gallardo notes the Arizona Legislature set
aside $3.4 million to pay for the election.
"(This) costs taxpayers millions of dollars for what is really
 a political-party function," Gallardo said.

Yes.  The same Senator Gallardo who actively campaigned and canvassed for the recall election in LD18.  The same recall election which was essentially a Republican Primary election.

But, THAT wasn't a waste of tax dollars which could have been used for education and job creation?