Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama Is Keeping It Classy

Obama wasted no time taking advantage of the recent Supreme Court ruling. 
And he did so with such grace and dignity worthy of the office of President.

The Barack Obama campaign store  even thought it would be a great idea to capitalize on their new slogan.

Still a BFD Tee

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama = Deceiver and Thief

Apparently, Obama can lie and get away with it.  After all, the ends justify the means.

And evidently, the Supreme Court can rewrite the law that was being argued in front of them.

"Mandate" now means "tax".

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Which Arizona Politician Said The Following?

"This is a federal responsibility, and they're not meeting it.  I've just come to the conclusion (that) we've got to do what we can at the state level until the federal government
picks up the pace."

No.  Not Governor Brewer.

No.  Not Senator Pearce.

It was........

Then Governor Janet Napolitano.

The article continues,

Napolitano's announcement came three days after New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson issued a similar declaration, complaining that the federal government has failed to stem growing smuggling-related violence to the east of Arizona, an increasingly popular illegal immigration corridor. Both governors are Democrats.
The money in Arizona is designated for the state's four border counties - Yuma, Pima, Santa Cruz and Cochise - and will be distributed by the Arizona Division of Emergency Management. The $1.5 million is part of $4 million set aside annually for disasters, such as fires or floods.

Politicians and law enforcement officials in those counties said the money is sorely needed. The state is the busiest illegal crossing spot along the entire Southwestern border.

As Senator Pearce commented,

"This governor clearly is very good at reading polls.  It's a start, but much more has to be done.... This nation is under siege."

Then Governor Napolitano vetoed just about every bill that went through the state legislature that would have helped curb some of the illegal immigration problems in the state claiming it was a "Federal" issue. 

Fast forward to today.  Now as the head of the "Federal" DHS, Napolitano has quickly forgotten the border struggle in her home state.  She also has quickly forgotten what she said while she, herself, was Governor of Arizona about the porous border.  This week, Napolitano at the discretion of the Obama administration, all but formally declared war on the state of Arizona by essentially halting the 287g) program. 

It also looks as though she is still very good at reading polls.  Especially the ones that show her boss's rapidly falling approval numbers.

Monday, June 25, 2012

With Friends Like These

Who needs enemies?

It feels like just yesterday when the S.U.I.T. was ignorantly put up to run against Russell Pearce in a recall election that was instigated by the G.N.A.T. (Goading Noxious Alinsky Thug), Randy Parraz.

Back in the day, we tried to warn Jerry Lewis that he was being played by the left. He chose to ignore the warnings and instead, brushed them off by claiming he personally had never met Randy Parraz. Plausible deniability. 

Lewis wasn't the only Republican who was being played.

(Showing Roberto Reveles from the ACLU  at an early July 2011 celebration party held at the Wright House)

There was also the "former Republican Women" President who the G.N.A.T. paraded around at every opportunity.

We also noticed Rosie Lopez in the first photo above.   We recently learned that her husband, Joe Lopez, co-founded Chicanos por la Causa.

By the way, Lewis was invited to speak with PAZ in January 2012.  Less than two months after the election.  We imagine he probably thanked them for their (wink wink) support during the recall.  Oh, and their "civil tone".

And here we are again. Same story. Different day.

We've already pointed out the different times that Parraz and Promise Arizona en Accion (PAZ) have helped canvass for the upcoming primary election in LD25.

They were at it again this last weekend.

June 23, 2012

Today's Canvass: Thank you to everyone who came out today to talk to voters in the new LD 25. We are off to a great start. We will continue to reach out to voters until we finish what we started last year with the successful recall of Russell Pearce. You can volunteer with us Mondays - Thursdays from 5:00PM-8:00PM and on Saturdays from 9:30AM-1:00PM. For more information send an email to:

***Updated to add today's G.N.A.T announcement:

Call for Volunteers: Mesa office Monday-Thursday, 5:00PM-8:00PM, 628 N Center Street. Help us finish the work of retiring recalled Senator Russell Pearce. We need your help to educate voters about the upcoming race for State Senate. Email for more info.

Does "One Note" Worsley still have his head in the sand about who the G.N.A.T. is or is he too busy attending meet and greets at Alinsky IAF affiliates to care about the real Conservatives (as opposed to the ones who claim to be) in his district?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Civil Tone Of The Left

Democratic  Progressive Members of the Washington State Legislature attended a rally to support the (failed) recall effort of Governor Walker in Wisconsin.

Washington Representative Chris Reykdal joked   mocked

  "I wore my pinko commie shirt for our
teabagger friends today!"


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jerry's New Found Friends

Last week, the S.U.I.T. Jerry Lewis hosted a fundraiser for Marcelino Quinonez, candidate for the Roosevelt District School Board.  Lewis brought along his good friend, Kenneth "As for me and my house, we support Lewis  Worsley"  Smith
We're pretty sure that Lewis was the only token "Republican" (and we use the term very loosely) host. All in the name of "bi-partisan". 

Who is Quinonez?

Well, one of his favorite quotes on his Facebook page is by Che Guevara.

A true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love.

All those Occupiers who were destroying private property, defecating on police cars and doing other "revolutionary" (illegal) activities must have really been feeling the love.

One of many leftist supporters of Quinonez include:

DeeDee Blase
Please take a moment to donate some money or support to Marcelino Quiñonez's campaign! Donate and be a part of history.

Also Randy Parraz, Chad Snow and Stephen Lemons.

When Parraz asked those who helped with the recall of Russell Pearce to stand up at a recent fundraiser, Quinonez stood and cheered. (1 hour mark).

It also didn't come as a big surprise to learn that one of the current members of the Roosevelt school board  is Arizona Democratic Representative, Catherine Miranda.

***We are putting out an APB for any information leading to an actual REPUBLICAN EVENT or fundraiser that Lewis has attended.***  

Other hosts of the event included Progressive Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski,
Jerry Lewis
"Great to be at Marcelino's fundraiser tonight and greet so many friends. — with Marcelino Quiñonez and Michael Nowakowski."

 who has also been photographed with people like Joe Biden, Luis Gutierrez, Dolores Huerta and Justice Sotomayor.

Immigration activist, Linda Torres, was also a host of the fundraiser.  Here is another picture of her when she received the Valle del Sol "Profiles of Success" award.  Valle del Sol is a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Arizona County Attorneys and Sheriffs.  The group who claims they will be discriminated against simply because of their name. 

Newly appointed Democratic State Representative Martin Quezada was also a special host.  Here are some other pictures of Martin and his pals.

We also heard DREAM activist, Daniel.Rodriguez Montelongo was at the fundraiser too.  He is the guy seen here in a past photo with Jeff Flake. (seen sitting on the aisle behind Lewis)

Also in attendance was Rosie Lopez, the wife of the founder of Chicanos por la Causa. (seen sitting in front of Jerry Lewis)

It looks as though Jerry Lewis has made some good, Democratic Socialist and Progressive friends since he has been in the legislature. We're sure that he will stay in touch with them even after he is voted out of office in a few months.  Which is good because it looks as though his old friends during the recall election have all but abandoned him in an effort to help their next S.U.I.T., Bob Worsley.

We hear there are a couple of good Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix where Lewis and his new friends would be welcome and could meet up for a few laughs and drinks.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Other Lawsuit Over SB1070

Yet another AZCentral FAIL.

The high un-journalistic standards over at AZCentral reported on a another lawsuit that was filed against Arizona Sheriffs and County Attorneys by open borders activists.  The plaintiffs have obtained lawyers from the ACLU, MALDEF, National Immigration Law Center,  American Pacific American Legal Center, National Day Labor Organization, NAACP, and Arizona's very own activist lawyer, Daniel Ortega- who went to DC for the Supreme Court hearing on SB1070.

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton heard arguments Monday over whether to grant the case class-action status, which could allow hundreds of thousands to join what has been named the Friendly House case, after one of the plaintiffs. Plaintiffs include immigrants, immigrant-rights groups, religious groups and non-profit organizations.

Why didn't AZCentral mention the other plaintiffs by name?  We suspect they only mentioned the Friendly House because it sounds so innocent and, well, "friendly".

The other plaintiffs in the lawsuit that were omitted from the piece include:

1.  SEIU
2.  UFCW
3.  AZ South Asians for Safe Families
4.  Southside Presbyterian Church
5.  AZ Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
6.  Asian Chamber of Commerce
7.  Border Action Network
8.  Muslim American Citizens League
9.  Valle del Sol
10. Coalicion de derechos humanos
11. Luz Santiago

Attorney Bob Henry representing Jan Brewer said,

 The plaintiffs are seeking class-action status based on speculation that the law could go into effect and could lead to racial profiling. He described the motion as "riddled with ambiguity."

The lawsuit claims the usual, "SB1070 is unconstitutional.  It violates the Supremacy Clause and core civil rights and civil liberties secured by the United States Constitution, including the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and expressive activity, the Fourth Amendment right to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, and the Equal Protection Clause guarantee of equal protection under the law."

Let's look at the other Plaintiffs in the lawsuit and their "complaint":

"The plaintiffs in this action will suffer serious violations of their constitutional rights and civil liberties if SB1070 goes into effect.  SEIU works in partnership with SEIU Arizona and other groups to combat discrimination and mobilize for immigration reform at the national level.  SB1070's impact on already distressed county and municipal budgets will harm SEIU's members to the extent that it will result in further pay cuts, furloughs, and layoffs.  In addition, SEIU is concerned that members and potential members will be fearful to attend rallies, demonstrations and union meetings or to engage in leafleting or other traditional labor activities because of the possibility of being stopped by the police under SB1070.   This will significantly impact the ability of SEIU to protect its existing members and to organize new members.  SEIU joins this lawsuit to preserve its ability to organize new members and to protect the rights and interests of its members and prospective members."

United Food and Commerical Workers International Union (UFCW):
"The UFCW represents more than 1.3 million workers, primarily in the retail, meatpacking, food processing, and poultry industries.  Within the State of Arizona there are more than 21,000 UFCW-represented workers...The UFCW represents workers who comprise a range of races and ethnicities with varying degrees of English proficiency, including substantial numbers of Latinos.  The UFCW accomplishes its mission through organizing, collective bargaining, and representation of employees."

(Randy Parraz announced his Senate candidacy in 2010 from the UFCW)
Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:
"AZHCC members include non-profit organizations who serve immigrant populations, including non citizens that do not have federal authorization to be in the United States.  The provisions of SB1070 create new criminal penalties for certain immigrants and non-immigrants associating with immigrants and will cause considerable confusion for AZHCC's members and other members of the general business community about their potential criminal liability under SB1070."
(Lewis and his wife attending a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Gala event)
Border Action Network:
"BAN has over 1,000 members distributed across 6 Arizona counties.  The great majority of BAN's membership is Latino...Some of BAN's members, including its day laborer members, do not have permission to work or remain in the United States.  Other BAN members are legal residents or U.S. citizens, and some live in families of mixed immigration status and nationality.  Its staff frequently buses members to events and organizational functions without regard to their passengers' immigration status, and they are concerned that this could subject them to prosecution under SB1070.  SB1070 will make it harder for its staff to maintain its membership base and to recruit new members."
Remember our expose on Rep. Russ Jones?  He serves on the board of the Arizona Community Foundation and his company, RL Jones, is both a member and a donor to the ACF.  The ACF gave BAN  grant money starting in 2006 to "boost capacity" in their organization.  The photo above shows a chartered bus sponsored by BAN filled with agitators en route to protest Arpaio.  The Arizona Leader, Jennifer Allen (center in picture on right) is frequently at the Capitol with Randy Parraz and her bull horn.
The Muslim American Citizens League:
"The mission of MASF is to integrate and empower the American Muslim community through civic education, participation, community outreach, and coalition building. MAS and MASF have an office and chapter in Phoenix, Arizona, with over 30 members."

Valle del Sol:
"Valle del Sol serves a diverse mixture of populations a majority of whom are Latinos.  Because the agency's name is in Spanish, there exists a fear by staff that on that basis alone, Valle del Sol may be a target under the provisions of SB1070."

HUH?  Because of the name, it MIGHT lead to discrimination?  What a ridiculous premise.

(One of the Senior management members for Valle del Sol is Luz Sarmina. Sarmina is also a member of "The Real Arizona Coalition" which includes groups such as Chicanos por la Causa, proponents of the Arizona Accord, Todd Landfried from the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, Friendly House, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, etc.  Many of whom are listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.)

Derechos Humanos

"Since 1992, Derechos Humanos has furthered its mission by organizing public education campaigns on issues related to immigration, conducting citizenship workshops for lawful permanent residents and immigrant refugees, and hosting intake clinics through which the organization assists community members—including racial minorities and non-citizen immigrants—who experience law enforcement, workplace, landlord/tenant, and housing discrimination problems." 

(Isabel Garcia is the leader of Derechos Humanos, a proponent of open borders and AZTLAN as well as a public defender in Pima County)

Plaintiff C.M. minor from Gilbert, Arizona and a freshman in high school:
"She is originally from Haiti and, due to the recent earthquake there, has been granted Temporary Protected Status in the United States.  C.M. is 15 years old but is often told that she looks 18.  C.M. does not carry any documents proving that she has been granted permission to be in the United States.  However, she recently asked her mother to obtain an Arizona non-driver's identification for her after she learned about SB1070.  She was afraid that she would be stopped and questioned about her immigration status due to her dark skin and the fact that she speaks a foreign language."

Luz Santiago, pastor for a church in Mesa, Arizona
"She is a U.S. citizen, Latina, and fluent in Spanish.  Approximately 80% of her congregation lacks authorization by the federal government to remain in the United States."

Danny Ortega:
With Randy Parraz and his wife, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors candidate, Lilia Alvarez.

Friday, June 15, 2012

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Jerry Lewis' Big Announcement

It was almost one year ago when the S.U.I.T. (Shameful Useful Idiot Tool), Jerry Lewis, announced he planned to run against fellow Republican Senator, Russell Pearce, in the LD18 recall election.

When reviewing some past video footage of that day, we noticed a few familiar faces. 

There was, of course, Don Stapley who knows agitator activist Randy Parraz well from the numerous Maricopa County Board of Supervisor meetings Parraz crashed.  Stapley, along with several of his friends (who he is seen talking to on the right side of the photo) and his son, must not have gotten the memo that the LEWIS election night party was being held at a different location and not at the WRIGHT HOUSE.  Under normal conditions, this might have been construed as an "oversight".  However, not only did Stapley show up at the leftist election night party, he also participated in a video commentary along with radical leftists such as Chad Snow, Randy Parraz, Lydia Guzman, and activist lawyer who is suing Arizona Sheriffs and County Attorneys, Daniel Ortega.


Stapley made it over to Lewis' party that night, eventually.

Also seen in the background of the video on the right side of the screen is radical progressive New Times writer, Stephen Lemons.

Following right behind Mr. Lemons is Todd Landfried.  The spokesman for the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform and who pushed for a Utah-style Compact in Arizona.  Mr. Landfried is VERY familiar with the Wright House.

He also showed up there at a celebration party the day CBA submitted their recall petitions.
(seen with his back to the camera talking to activist Roberto Reveles from the ACLU and Parraz)

Here's Landfried (seen in the background) when CBA submitted their recall petitions.

Landfried also became very familiar with Jerry Lewis.
(Hey, isn't that one of Kirk Adams' "A-TEAM" members in the picture?)
Here is Mr. Landfried at Jerry Lewis' election night party with agitator, D.D. Blase, who prides herself in thwarting the fundraising efforts of Russell Pearce last evening by threatening restaurants to discriminate against his supporters.
Who's intolerant again?

In the video, Don Stapley claimed that people all over the country would say to him, "What's wrong with you people?"

We can say the same of him.

Yeah, Mr. Stapley. 
What's wrong with you people?