Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phoenix Human Relations Commission

What a surprise to discover that at least two members of the Phoenix Human Relations Commission are directly involved with Randy Parraz.

Well, not really.

They have recently called to have the 17 member commission force Joe Arpaio to step down.  Thirteen voted for the measure.  What happened to the other 4?

This is probably what Carlos Galindo meant when he said, "working their way AROUND the electoral process" .

Gilbert Watch has exposed who some of these Commissioners really are.  Of course, knowing that they are appointed by the Phoenix Mayor and City Council will give you an idea about how far left they might lean.

The Co-chair of the PHRC is Dan Martinez.  We remember Dan from his visit to the Mesa City Council meeting when he tried to push for the Mesa Compact.  Dan Martinez started the East Valley Patriots for American Values along with Randy Parraz in the fall 2010.

                                              (Saul Solis -L, Dan Martinez - C, Brian Barabe - R)

Lilia Alvarez is Parraz's "left" hand gal and apparently, the two are married to each other.  She also graduated in 2010 from the Emerge Arizona Leadership training program designed to create "women leaders for a democratic future."  In 2011, she attended the Center for Progressive Leadership Fellowship program.

Also in her 2010 Emerge Arizona class was a Janice Blackmon who, coincidentally, is ALSO a member of the PHRC.  She is currently serving as the LD13 Democrat District Chairman.  Blackmon also "recently completed the Planned Parenthood's Local Progressive Candidate Leadership Program" which is another course organized by the Center for Progressive Leadership. 

This will need to be addressed in a blog entry all its own. 

Yet another graduate from the same Emerge Arizona class was Wenona Benally.  She is married to Sal Baldenegro who is running for the State House in LD2.  Wenona, on the other hand, has her sites on DC and is currently running for US Congress in CD1.  She is endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of America. 

(Carolyn Cooper - L, Virginia Haufflaire- AZ PDA leader-R)

Other members of the
Phoenix Human Relations Commission include:

Diane D'Angelo, Chair   political writer,  helps the commission get the word out to the leftist organizations of Commission meetings like the most recent regarding Arpaio.

Terry Gunnell  Arizona State leader for AmeriCorp

Mel Hannah   Director of Community Outreach for the Urban League, Co-chair of Protect Arizona's Freedom  (other members include: Former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Daniel R. Ortega, Jr., Kyrsten Sinema, Alessandra Soler Meetze- ACLU, Bill Straus, Anti-Defamation League and fellow PHRC member, Lindsey Walker- SEIU)

Isaac Hernandez   One of the lawyers in a lawsuit in 2008 against Joe Arpaio whose plaintiffs included Somos America, ACLU, Arizona ACLU,  MALDEF, Steptoe and Johnson.  The lawsuit was over alleged "racial profiling".  Co-chair Hispanic Law Students assoc/La Raza, expertise in counseling employers regarding discrimination, harassment, retaliation, medical leave, disability, wage and hour, wrongful termination, and non-compete issues and representing employers in state and federal court and before the National Labor Relations Board.

Nikki Hicks   community volunteer coordinator for the Cesar Chavez Foundation, Save the Family Foundation

LaShawn Jenkins   lawyer, Phoenix Urban League

Laurie Provost  Facilitator for the Anti-defamation League, GLBT educator

Bill Straus   Arizona regional director of the Anti-defamation League, called on an investigation of Arpaio back in 2008, see Mel Hannah above.

Suppose with all of these "coincidences" that there MIGHT be a conflict of interest on the Commission's part?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Carlos Galindo Hypocrisy Quote of the Day

Breaking: Russell Pearce wins election to AZGOP 1st Vice Chair 669-443 over Diane Ortiz Parsons.
He's working his way around the electoral process by taking control of the Arizona Republican party....

Arpaio Resignation demanded by Latino Leaders

Let's see who these "leaders" include:

Daniel Ortega, a Phoenix attorney who is board chair of the National Council of La Raza.

Lydia Guzman, executive director of the non-profit immigrant advocacy group Respect Respeto. Seen with Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Sal Reza, Mary Rose Wilcox, Raul Grijalva and Thomas Perez (from the DOJ)

Lydia Guzman with Senator Gallardo at the Recall Election night party held at the Wright House:

"Sheriff Arpaio, we are watching you," Guzman said.

State Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quote Of The Day: Courtesy Of Lilia Alvarez (Citizens for a Better Arizona)

In reference to the two bills being proposed in the Arizona Legislature.  One which would attempt to overturn SB1070 (introduced by Senator Gallardo), the other to prevent racial profiling (by Senate Minority Leader Schapira).

"Our collective power will continue to open doors for
social justice in Arizona."

"Collective" and "Social Justice".  Two phrases the left loves to repeat.

This is the same woman who stated:

Something like a recall statute that has been covered in dust. 
Look at the power of it. 
This recall effort has been a very strategic attack. 
It hasn't been just based on emotion.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Arizona Accord, Arizona Farm Bureau, Jerry Lewis, Oh My.

We already knew an Arizona Accord was in the works.  Todd Landfried mentioned it back in December.

One of Randy Parraz's cohorts posted the following statement regarding the Arizona Compact, Mesa Compact, Arizona Accord on Facebook:

"This is the clone of the Utah Compact.  The Arizona Accord has been adopted by the city of Tolleson, the Human Relations Panels of Mesa and Phoenix,
and will be considered by their city councils in the future, by the Arizona Farm Bureau,
and numerous other groups.  Please read and sign to show your support."

The Arizona Farm Bureau?  The same organization whose Director of Organization is Paul Brierley, LD 21 District Chairman?  The same Paul Brierley who is a State Republican Member-at-large alongside the likes of Jon Lindblom and Beth Coons?

Could be.

The Arizona Farm Bureau was a plantiff in a lawsuit against Arizona over employer sanctions in 2007.

According to an article on AZ Central dated January 24, 2012

Other supporters of the accord so far include the Greater Phoenix Economic Council,
the Arizona Interfaith Network, Tolleson, the Mesa Human Relations Advisory Board,
the Phoenix Human Relations Commission,Chicanos Por La Causa, East Valley Patriots,
 Sundt Construction and McCarthy Construction.

Kevin Rogers, president of the Arizona Farm Bureau, said his group has worked on these issues for 15 years.
He said that the federal government must secure the border but that Arizona farmers
also need immigration programs that allow for temporary workers, seasonal workers
and long-term workers "for our economy to continue its recovery."

We have mentioned before about the connections between the Mesa Human Relations Advisory Board and the Mesa Compact.

We have also mentioned the connections with Sundt Construction.
J. Doug Pruitt, Chairman/CEO, Sundt Construction, Inc./Kevin Gibbons/Konopnicki/visit to WH National Economic Council Doug Bell on 7/22/10

And East Valley Patriots (For American Values)

and you can't forget Chicanos Por La Causa.

Supporters who have signed on to the Accord can be found here.

Notable signers (which reads like the Jerry Lewis donors list):
David Johnson
Lydia Guzman and Respect Respeto
Raquel Teran
Alan Soelberg (Kirk Adams' wife is a Soelberg)
Tyler Montague Vice Chair in LD18
Colleen Wheeler  Secretary in LD18
Damon Wheeler
Liana Clarkson   major player in recall effort who worked with Parraz
John Giles
Mike Triggs
Martin Quezada
Dennis Kavanaugh
Kieran and Anson Clarkson
Kenneth P. Smith
Dea Montague
Saul Solis
Dan O'Neal (PDA)
Don Flake
Robert Tolman
Mike Wright
Bill Richardson
Lisa Urias
Nancy Burke
Paula Pennypacker
Rep. Catherine Miranda
Phoenix DREAMers
La Raza
Promise AZ
Mesa Human Relations Advisory Board
Arizona Farm Bureau
Chicanos Por la Causa
The Real Arizona Coalition
Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform
Friendly House
Western Growers

The article also quotes Scott Higginson who helped organize the Arizona Accord effort.  The same Scott Higginson who was the Treasurer for the BIZPAC for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce?

The same BIZPAC that Farrell Quinlan, former Spokesman for Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, was also Treasurer?

Higginson said,

This is a broad set of guiding principles designed to frame the discussion both at the state and the federal level.

Is this the same Scott Higginson who was on the Mesa Redistricting Commission and whose fellow Commissioner, Deann Villanueva-Saucedo, was one we mentioned previously?.

Deann Villanueva-Saucedo, Secretary of the Mesa Association of Hispanic Citizens.  (community liaison between Mesa Public Schools and Maricopa Community Colleges. Donated to Jerry Lewis' campaign/ on the Board for Mesa United Way with Kirk Adams)

What a small, politically-connected Mesa World.

You see, the Mesa Redistricting Commission were very careful when planning the new districts to cater to Latino voters in order to avoid a slap down by the DOJ.

Minutes from a Mesa Redistricting Commission meeting:

Chairman Higginson remarked on how well Commission member Villanueva-Saucedo and the consultants did in drawing Plan 9 Modified and said he was surprised at how close the HVAP (Hispanic Voting Age Population) "A" came to meeting the target.

Further discussion ensued relative to the legal significance of a 1% decline of the HVAP as it applies to retrogression concerns with the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Doug Johnson, President of NDS, explained that the voting strength of the Latino population is very important to the DOJ. He said that if the commission fails to "hit the benchmarks", it would be necessary to create a "solid record" indicating that the Latino voting strength was not affected. Mr. Johnson noted that although it could be a risk, it was not an impossible hurdle. 
He advised that the jursidiction would be required to make the case to DOJ
explaining the reason why the target number was not reached.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pizza Patron.

Maybe there was another reason why Jason LeVecke of the Carl's Jr franchises stood alongside the likes of Jeff Flake pushing "Comprehensive Immigration Reform".

We've discussed Jason LeVecke before.

He fought to overturn the Employer Sanctions Laws in 2008.

It makes even more sense knowing his company Pizza Revolucion, operated 8 Pizza Patron locations and agreed to develop 20 more in Arizona in 2007

Dallas, TX - November, 06, 2006 - Pizza Patrón, the premier Latino pizza brand, announced today it has signed a two-year development agreement for 20 locations in Arizona with franchise group, Pizza Revolución. Currently Pizza Revolución operates eight Pizza Patron locations in Arizona (Avondale, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa and Phoenix), and will open the first of several more locations in Phoenix within the next few months. Pizza Revolución is owned and operated by the LeVecke Family, the grandchildren of Carl Karcher, founder of Carl's Jr., who have becen in business for over 5 years beginning with two Carl's Jr. units, and has grown to 51 Carl's Jr. units, 8 Pizza Patron, and a few convenience stores. The LeVecke Family is very dedicated to the Arizona Latino community.

Even going so far as to accept pesos for payment.

There's always an ulterior motive.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Common Cause: Not So UnCommon

Remember the group Common Cause who donated money for mailers on Jerry Lewis' behalf through the Public Campaign Action Fund?

Here is a recap:

Perhaps people should know who FUNDS the Public Campaign Action Fund.
On the list of groups who donate more than $20,000 per year:

Common Cause The address for Common Cause is 1133 19th Street NW, 9th Floor Washington, DC 20036. The same address used on the mailer posted above.
Which is the same address for Public Campaign Action Fund: 1133 19th Street, NW Suite #900 Washington, DC 20036.
Which is the same address for Campaign Money Watch: 1133 19th Street, 9th floor Washington DC 20036

The Chair of the National Governing Board for Common Cause is Robert Reich. Reich is a former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton.

-Democracy Fund
-MoveOn.org Political Action
-National Education Association
-Service Employees International Union
-Tides Voter Action Fund
(who is Tides?)
-Working Assets This group supports organizations such as: Democracy Now!, National Immigration Forum, Interfaith Alliance Foundation, Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education, Planned Parenthood, Center for Justice and Accountability, Human Rights Watch, Partners in Health, Color of Change, Media Matters, Project Vote, Sierra Club etc.
-Proteus Fund
-Pat Stryker (read Gilbert Watch's excellent account of THE BLUEPRINT-How the Democrats Won Colorado)

Common Cause (along with the League Of Women Voters), have plugged Obama's new campaign commercial.  They claim to be "independent watchdogs".


But, ask Jerry Lewis who Common Cause is and I'm sure he won't have a clue.  Who knew a group that touts Obama's record as "unprecedented" would also help the campaign of an inexperienced political unknown running for a small legislative district in Arizona?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Worker Bill. It Speaks For Itself

This is a "Guest Worker Bill" from 2008 and its sponsors and co-sponsors. 

Senator Arzberger (D)
Senator Aguirre (D)
Senator Flake (R)
Senator Hale (D)
Senator Landrum Taylor (D)
Senator Miranda (D)
Senator Pesquiera (D)

Rep. Bradley (D)
Rep.  Burns J. (R)
Rep. Garcia M (D)
Rep. Konopnicki (R)
Rep. Pancrazi (D)
Rep. Ulmer (D)

Senator Garcia (D)
Senator McCune-Davis (D)
Senator Rios (D)

Rep. Ableser (D)
Rep. Adams (R)
Rep. Alvarez (D)
Rep. Brown (D)
Rep. Campbell Chad (D)
Rep. Gallardo (D)
Rep.  Lopes (D)
Rep.  Lopez (D)
Rep.  Lujan (D)
Rep.  McGuire (D)
Rep.  Meza (D)
Rep.  Rios P (D)
Rep.  Sinema (D)

See HERE for more on Rep. Lopes.

Then Rep. Sinema has been in the news recently regarding her ties to the Arizona Communist Party as early as 2002/2003.  

According to the author:
How does a conservative state like Arizona keep on electing Communist aligned public officials?
The answer is a very strong local Communist Party, built originally on the mining industry and sustained in recent years through work on the illegal immigration issue –
a very major part of Communist party USA long term strategy.

The bill states:


To the Congress of the United States of America:
Your memorialist respectfully represents:
Whereas, employers in the State of Arizona have a need for workers that is unmet by the local available labor force; and

Whereas, the need for additional workers occurs in numerous industries that are important to the economic welfare of the state, including the agriculture, hotel, hospitality, construction and homebuilding industries, and in hospitals and nursing homes; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona has historically used legal workers in the vegetable and agriculture industries; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona has experienced phenomenal growth increasing the need for skilled workers in the construction and homebuilding industries and other related industries; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona relies on economic benefits from the hotel and hospitality industry, which is experiencing a labor shortage; and

Whereas, hospitals and nursing homes in the State of Arizona have a shortage of adequate non-professional staff; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona has enacted the Arizona Temporary Worker Program, which becomes effective on federal authorization; and

Whereas, under the Arizona Temporary Worker Program, on request and application by an employer, the state of Arizona will issue Arizona temporary worker cards to sponsored foreign workers, after background checks, that will be authorized for two years, with renewal upon the employer's request and application. The program will require employers to report employees who do not show up for work, and the applicable employee cards will be cancelled, with notification to law enforcement. Employers will be required to comply with all employee-related state and federal laws.

Wherefore your memorialist, the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of Representatives concurring, prays:

1. That the Congress of the United States enact federal legislation that authorizes the State of Arizona to implement the Arizona Temporary Worker Program.

2. That the Secretary of State of the State of Arizona transmit copies of this Memorial to the President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and each Member of Congress from the State of Arizona.

Putting the Communist Party connection aside,
Weren't we in a recession in 2008?

Was there really an "increased need for skilled workers in the areas of construction, homebuilding, hotel, hospitality, hospitals and nursing homes?"

Or was this just an excuse to push through an agenda?

No wonder so many CEOs in
healthcare, home building,
hospitality and the
Chamber of Commerce 
donated to Adams and
Konopnicki in 2009-2010.

Adams WAS given the 
by the
Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For added emphasis:
Chad Campbell (middle right), Randy Parraz (right)

Landrum Taylor, Lopez, Gallardo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here It Comes-The Utah Compact To An Arizona Legislature Near You

For "Reasonable" Immigration Reform. 

In all its unoriginal glory.

Remember when we said this would happen?

It is rumored that this same organization will be spearheading the push for immigration reform in the next legislative session. The plan is for the Hispanics to push a more "radical" bill so when this group comes in with their more "humane" approach, it will appear "compassionate" and "reasonable". Because the group will be comprised of members of the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses and Interfaith organizations, it will give the appearance of a bipartisan, mainstream coalition.

Rumor also has it that Rep. Catherine Miranda is going to be pushing some of these moderate immigration bills. She has already been out looking for co-sponsors. This is the same Rep. Miranda who made comments like
this in regards to past immigration legislation daring to define an "Arizona Citizen" comparing the agenda to that of Nazi Germany,

“Today in Arizona, thousands of Arizona mothers go to work not knowing if they
will return to their families or end up in deportation centers. Who can doubt that we are experiencing a holocaust in Arizona.”

Rep. Miranda also attended the Arizona Immigration Solutions Conference held in Mesa on September 17, 2011. One would suspect she will be heavily involved in upcoming legislation.

She will more than likely have the support from people like newly elected Senator, Jerry Lewis. Within days of his election, he joined other immigration activists in a national teleconference to mark the November 11, 2010 adoption of the Utah Compact. Even
Petra Falcon went on Democracy Now! right after the election and praised Lewis' sense of humane civility and desire to keep families together.

<><><><><><><><> <><>
REFERENCE TITLE: support; reasonable immigration reform
State of Arizona
House of Representatives
Fiftieth Legislature
Second Regular Session
HCR 2015
Introduced by
Representatives Miranda C, Saldate: Gallego, Miranda R, Senator Jackson
supporting reasonable immigration reform.
Whereas, immigration is a federal policy issue between the United States
government and other countries, not Arizona and other countries.
Federal entities should lead efforts to strengthen federal laws and protect our national borders,
yet ensure the adoption of reasonable policies to address immigrants in
Arizona and other states; and
Whereas, the rule of law must be respected and law enforcement's professional
judgment and discretion supported. Local law enforcement resources
should focus on criminal activities, not civil violations of the federal code; and
Whereas, strong families are the foundation of successful communities, and
policies that unnecessarily separate families must be opposed. We champion
policies that support families and improve the health, education and well-being of all
Arizona children; and
Whereas, Arizona is best served by a free market philosophy that maximizes
individual freedom and opportunity. Immigrants play a vital economic role as workers
and taxpayers, and Arizona's immigration policies must reaffirm our global reputation
as a welcoming and business-friendly state; and
Whereas, immigrants are integrated into communities across Arizona.
Any discussion of immigration reform must include a humane approach to this reality,
reflecting our country's unique culture, history and spirit of inclusion.
Arizona should always be a place that welcomes people of goodwill, as this
state's treatment of immigrants says more about us as a free society and less
about our immigrant neighbors.
Therefore Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Arizona, the Senate concurring:
That the Members of the Legislature join other Arizona leaders in supporting
a grassroots movement for reasonable immigration reform and that discussion
regarding immigration in Arizona be guided with the preceding five principles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mesa Leadership Training Program- Mesa's Puppetmasters

The Mesa Leadership Training Program (Mesa LTD) is a program facilitated by the Mesa Chamber Business in Education Foundation 501 c 3 through the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.  We already know about the deep pockets of Chamber of Commerce members.

Alumni of this program include:

Former Mayor Keno Hawker 1985
Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh 1985
Councilmember Dave Richins 1997
Mayor Scott Smith 2000
Michael Cowan 2001  Mesa Unified School Superintendent
Kirk Adams 2002  Former AZ Speaker of the House
Senator Rich Crandall  2005
Councilmember Scott Somers  2005 (Mesa Chamber of Commerce Board)
Councilmember Dina Higgins 2005
Otto Shill 2006 (Mesa Chamber of Commerce Board)
Stephen Viramontes  2008
Todd Selleck  2009
Wayne Manske  2010
Diane Selleck  2010
Kit Filbey  2010 former Democrat candidate for AZ Legislature LD19
Michael Conway 2010

The Chamber Leadership Program is intended to groom candidates for leadership roles in the community. The Chamber offers assistance and referrals for placement with community boards and organizations.

Their bylaws state

The purpose of the Association shall be to develop community leadership, to enhance awareness of community concerns, and to facilitate periodic opportunities for continual LTD alumni leadership,socialization, networking and furtherance of the organizational purposes.

- Monthly classes allow class members to explore opportunities for increased participation in city affairs and provide an opportunity to interact with current agents of change within Mesa.

- Classes meet once a month with a focus on education, government, arts & culture, effective advocacy, sustainability, public services, social services and economic development.

- Graduation is based on attending classes, participating in a class project, shadowing a leader of your choice, attending several non-profit board meetings, performing a ride-along with police, fire, and park representative as well as choosing among and attending tours that meet your interest.

"The Mesa Leadership Training and Development Program
began in 1981 with the belief that every community has potential leaders
who need facts and opportunities to be effectively engaged in their community."


It is, in a word:


Members have the opportunity to rub shoulders and feel important with people in various government positions.  In return, the students are told how crucial the WaveYard, Earthwise Energy and light rail are to the city.  They are also given the chance to non-profit board hop, network, serve on various boards within the city government or non-profit organizations in an effort to pad their resume. These are "Stepping stones" as they call it, which also allows them the benefit of "name dropping" when they need to appear influential.  This program can potentially catapult them to higher positions within the community where they can do the bidding for those "important" people in government.  After all, discussions could "enhance not only their knowledge of current events impacting their community but the wide-spanning views that government and politicians must weigh in determining community resolutions."

     It's a "you help us, we'll help you" wink and a nod.

Just think....they want to have a YOUTH Leadership Training and Development group as well.  Might as well get them indoctrinated while they're young.

Those interested must go through an application process.  It is at this stage that many are weaned out simply based on their answers to the questions asked.  Conservatives need not apply.

1.  Describe the community or civic subject that interests you the most.
2.  What would you most like to contribute to the Mesa community?
3.  What do you expect to gain from participation in the Mesa Leadership Training and Development program?

Recent candidates who have been accepted into the program include political activists, a head Community Organizer for ACORN, President of the Police Union, Arizona Humanities Council members, SRP employees, members of the Chamber of Commerce, City of Mesa and City of Phoenix employees.

2007-2008 class
2008-2009 class
2009-2010 class
2010-2011 class

This isn't surprising especially when you look at those who are on the board of directors.

Sophia Tesch - class of 2008/ blogger/ Democracy for America
Mary Larsen - class of 2009/ Ex-Officio member of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce
Cheryl Crame - class of 2009/ Member of the World Affairs Council of Arizona
Ruthann Tryon - class of 2009/Mesa Chamber of Commerce
Leo Archer - class of 2010/ Mesa Chamber of Commerce/ VP Mesa Industrial Development Authority
Kathy Romano - class of 2006/ Former Democrat Candidate for LD19 State Representative
Diane Selleck - class of 2010/ Former LD18 Democrat Secretary/wife of Todd Selleck

We've seen the "input" of this Leadership training.  Now let's see the "output".

-Diane and her husband Todd Selleck (class of 2009) along with fellow classmates Wayne Manske and Michael Conway were all board members of LD18 Democrats in 2010.  All were very actively involved in the recall effort against Russell Pearce.

-Wayne Manske along with alumni Ana Cadillo (2007) and Denise Heap (2010) all serve on the Mesa Human Relations Advisory Board which was the committee who reviewed the Utah Compact and approved the Mesa Compact to move forward to the City Council last year.

-The class of 2008 was able to participate in the Mesa Latino Town Hall at MCC sponsored by Mesa Public Schools (Is this really the best use of our tax dollars?), MCC  and the Mesa Association of Hispanic Citizens.  The Mesa LTD has since promoted the Latino Town Hall and encouraged its members to attend.  The goal of the MAHC is to encourage, support and advocate for public policies that address the concerns and needs of the Latino Community in Mesa and the East Valley.

David Luna (class of 2002) is the Director of Educational Television for Mesa Public Schools and and Co-chair for the annual Mesa Latino Town Hall event.  He was also a donor to Jerry Lewis' campaign.  He was recently recognized by the activist organization Valle del Sol for his role in the Hispanic community.  Luna has served on the board of directors for Mesa United Way (with Kirk Adams), United Food Bank, and Mesa Association of Hispanic Citizens.

Members of the Board for the MAHC include: 

Armando Espinoza, President (class of 2010)

John Chacon, Vice-President
Teresa Peña, Treasurer  (class of 2008)
Deanna Villanueva-Saucedo, Secretary (community liaison between Mesa Public Schools and Maricopa Community Colleges.  Donated to Jerry Lewis' campaign/ on the Board for Mesa United Way with Kirk Adams)
Phil Austin (donated to Jerry Lewis' campaign)
Francisco Ballesteros (class of 2008)
Ana Cadillo (class of 2007)
Irene Frklich
Levi Leyba
David Luna (class of 2002-donor to Jerry Lewis)
Maria Mancinas (class of 2002)
Alberto Olivas (class of 2008)
Marissa Ramirez-Ramos
Delia Salvatierra
Juanita Tarango
Denise Traves (class of 2007)
Fernando Valenzuela (class of 2002)

Personally, this program is not something I would brag about. 
If you know of someone who does, well, now you know who their allegiances might be with not to mention that they 
wasted $500 and 9 weekends of their lives. 

And they probably lean a "little" to the left.