Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Immigration Buzz Words...get to know them.


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Christian Group Calls for 'Compassionate Immigration Reform'

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ELCACS1029 - Toward Compassionate Just Wise Immigration Reform


“The Utah Compact...does not set law, it does not supersede law, it does not change law – it simply sets the tone, the tenor of the conversation."

Politicians Must Change Tone of Immigration Debate

Mexican foreign policy adviser: U.S. must change immigration tone

Evangelicals implore GOP presidential hopefuls to tone down immigration rhetoric


Americans are demanding that Washington produce practical solutions to real problems. Comprehensive immigration reform is such a solution

Let's find real immigration solutions

GOP pols urge practical solutions to immigration

Time for a Real Solution on the Illegal Immigration Issue

It is interesting to find that the overwhelming majority of requests to change the tone in exchange for compassionate, humane, real solutions to immigration reform are towards the Republicans.  As if the Republicans are the only ones who must give up all of their values in the "compromise". 

More disappointing is knowing that not only is the charge coming from those outside of the party, but from within the party establishment themselves.

Perhaps the true Republicans should come up with their own "reform" in November 2012.