Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rich Crandall Is Heading To Wyoming

for a new job.  Destroying the Wyoming State Schools. 

Crandall will have the opportunity to oversee a $1B budget in Wyoming.  It's a good thing he's had lots of practice wasting other people's money.

It's just too bad he won't be around to enjoy the fruits of his labor here in Arizona.  From the multi millions our state will spend implementing the federal mandate of Common Core to his final finger in our face when he voted to expand Medicaid and fund abortions which will add millions in new, unsustainable taxes on the state. 

Figures Crandall would move to a state that has no personal income tax.

Such a shame that the "Republican" Victory Fund spent over $100,000 on Crandall in a primary election to defeat John Fillmore considering he knew he was only going to stick around for one session. 

We just wonder if Crandall's family in Utah will join him.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Governor Brewer's 2012 Speech At The Republican State Meeting Omits Any Mention Of Obamacare

To put this in context...This meeting took place two days after the famous "finger in Obama's face" episode.
Take note of the things Brewer mentions which Obama has done that were wrong for Arizona:

- Keystone Pipeline
- Land grabs
- Illegal immigration
- Gun running
- Housing
- Border issues
- Jobs
- Economy
- Terrorism

Curiously omitted is ANY mention of the massive federal over-reach of Obamacare and the unsustainable debt it will cause our state. 

Considering we spent much of 2010 picketing and protesting Obamacare at the Capitol and the offices of our elected leaders, one might think that if you wanted to get a rise out of a room of elected PCs at a REPUBLICAN STATE MEETING, this would come up...once.

Perhaps she got a call from the IRS on January 27th?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Suddenly, The RVF And RHV Fund Contributions Make Sense

We posted about the odd spending by the Arizona Senate Republican Victory Fund and the House Victory Fund during the primary election in 2012.

Considering what just went down in a pathetic display at the legislature last night by the Democrats,  traitors,  whatever they are, it all makes sense.

Most of the Brewer Caucus members were paid for their votes.  These cowards included:  Dial, Robson, Brophy-McGee, Carter, Goodale, Shope, Coleman, Orr, and "I don't want to answer any questions about my amendments" Pratt.  Speaker Tobin was too chicken to even show his face on the House floor. 

Let them caucus with the Democrats.  At least Democrats don't hide who they are.

Here's a recap:


House - Pratt/Shope
RHV - $57,200


House - Orr
RHV - $38,900


House - Dial/Robson
RHV - $40,000
RVF - $6400


House - Brophy-McGee
RHV - $72,600


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Governor Brewer And Her Brewer Caucus Is Helping Obama "Fundamentally Transform America"

In an impressive and disgusting display, Arizona "Republicans" are voting to expand the Obamacare Medicaid entitlement.  Some corrupt-o-crat legislators must think that 2014 is far, far away.

The words "Get your own house in order" keep coming to mind.

Rep. Adam Kwasman Puts Obamacare-Loving Governor Brewer In Her Place

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Senator Rich Crandall Is Job Hunting...In Wyoming

Look who's trying to high-tail it out of Arizona?
Richard Crandall
He's hoping to spread the Common Core poison in Wyoming.
"CHEYENNE – Candidates vying to be the next Wyoming Department of Education director shared their visions for accountability standards, the common core curriculum and other reforms during the first day of interviews for the position."
Crandall's Bio:
"Crandall, a Republican state senator in Arizona, said he wouldn’t shy away from “wholesale changes” that incorporate technology and other innovative learning methods into the classroom.

“This is not a Wyoming problem, this is nationwide problem,” he said. “We are very, very used to the way we have done it ... and I could walk into almost any school and it wouldn’t look that much different from the schools I’ve attended back in the ’70s and ’80s.”

Crandall said he is most passionate about “personalized learning” that customizes lessons to the specific needs of individual students.

“It is the future of K-12 because we are no longer restricted to teaching the same thing on the same day and moving at the same pace,” he said. “Technology allows us to do a complete overhaul of all of that.”

Crandall has been a past chairman of the Arizona Senate and House education committees. He also is the president and chief financial officer of a dietician firm that provides consulting services to nursing homes.

He said he announced earlier this year that he is retiring his state Senate seat so he can pursue his “dream job” of leading a school system.

“Things are such in Arizona right now that with all these crazy bills that come through, there are about six of us that kill them because they don’t do anything for education and they are just a distraction,” he said. “So I said I don’t want, at the end of 10, 12, 14 years (of being a legislator), to be known as the best ‘no’ voter Arizona has ever had.

“So I decided to retire midterm to pursue my passion, which is education.”

The arrogance is thick.  If only those in Wyoming knew about Crandall's REAL track record here in Arizona....

Cheyenne Office (307) 777-7690

Board Contact: Chelsie Bailey (307) 777-6213

Board Members:

Ron Micheli, Chairman
  • Scotty Ratliff, Vice Chair
  • Pete Gosar, Treasurer
  • Sue Belish
  • Kathy Coon
  • Matt Garland
  • Hugh Hageman
  • Ken Rathbun
  • Gerald Reichardt
  • Walt Wilcox
  • Belenda Willson


    Tuesday, June 4, 2013

    ASU Helping Create Grit, Tenacity, And Perseverance

    By creating the devices our children will use as if they were free child labor lab rats.

    ANGLE lab =  Advancing Next Generation Learning Environments

    For the children......