Sunday, December 18, 2011

More Faces behind Immigration Reform: Jose Penalosa

 We found Jose "Joe"  Penalosa, immigration lawyer, helping Dee Dee Blase and her organization, Arizonans for a Better Government, training volunteers who would go out and gather signatures to recall Senator Pearce back in early February 2011.

Mr. Penalosa attempted to run as a "moderate Republican" (yes.  Republican) for the US Congress representing CD4 back in 2010. 

He donated to Randy Parraz's organization, Citizens for a Better Arizona.  He also was apparently pleased to see Mr. Lewis win the recall election.  Pleased enough that he attended the Lewis party on election night along with his friend, Dee Dee Blase.

More recently, he has been sending out press releases on immigration reform.  He has also called for the resignation of Sheriff Arpaio.

What was that about lawyers lurking in the shadows of immigration reform?