Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Steve Chucri: Be Careful What You Wish For

Don Stapley needs to go. 

But, who should replace him?

Steve Chucri has announced plans to run against Don Stapley but before we trip all over ourselves with glee, it is important to look at his past associations to see if we would just be trading really bad with just as bad.

Jeff Moorad (AZ Dbacks); Mac Magruder (Chairman of Wake Up AZ and McDonald’s franchise owner); Ray Arvizu (Arvizu Advertising and Promotions); Jason LeVecke (AZ Employers for Immigration Reform; owner of Carl’s Jr. franchises); Steve Chucri (CEO of AZ Restaurant Association)

(A refresher course on Wake Up Arizona can be found HERE)

Chucri is currently on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce.

He is also the President of the Arizona Restaurant Association

The AZ Restaurant Association was one of the organizations mentioned in a previous entry who was a plaintiff in the lawsuit against the state of Arizona over employer sanctions laws in 2007.

**UPDATE**It appears that AZ Central has scrubbed the article with the Chucri quote below titled

Sanctions law spurs racial profiling, lawyers say

Discrimination rising for Hispanics, some say

Daniel González
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 30, 2007 12:00 AM .

(However, they can not control cache memory.)

But other restaurant owners also have seen an increase in race-based attacks,said Steve Chucri, president and chief executive of the Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association, one of several business groups suing to block the employer-sanctions law from taking effect on the grounds that the law is unconstitutional.

Supporters of the employers sanctions laws showed their disapproval of the lawsuit in their own way.
Chucri donated to Kirk Adams' Campaign in 2008  and again in 2010.

He supported Tony Bouie along with several familiar names we have discussed in the past (Kirk Adams, Jason LeVecke, Mac Magruder, Farrell Quinlan).

To quote Thomas Paine:

Every man who acts beyond the lien of private life, must expect to pass through two severe examinations. 
First, as to his motives;
secondly, as to his conduct. 
 On the former of these
depends his character for honesty;
 on the later for wisdom.