Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phoenix Human Relations Commission

What a surprise to discover that at least two members of the Phoenix Human Relations Commission are directly involved with Randy Parraz.

Well, not really.

They have recently called to have the 17 member commission force Joe Arpaio to step down.  Thirteen voted for the measure.  What happened to the other 4?

This is probably what Carlos Galindo meant when he said, "working their way AROUND the electoral process" .

Gilbert Watch has exposed who some of these Commissioners really are.  Of course, knowing that they are appointed by the Phoenix Mayor and City Council will give you an idea about how far left they might lean.

The Co-chair of the PHRC is Dan Martinez.  We remember Dan from his visit to the Mesa City Council meeting when he tried to push for the Mesa Compact.  Dan Martinez started the East Valley Patriots for American Values along with Randy Parraz in the fall 2010.

                                              (Saul Solis -L, Dan Martinez - C, Brian Barabe - R)

Lilia Alvarez is Parraz's "left" hand gal and apparently, the two are married to each other.  She also graduated in 2010 from the Emerge Arizona Leadership training program designed to create "women leaders for a democratic future."  In 2011, she attended the Center for Progressive Leadership Fellowship program.

Also in her 2010 Emerge Arizona class was a Janice Blackmon who, coincidentally, is ALSO a member of the PHRC.  She is currently serving as the LD13 Democrat District Chairman.  Blackmon also "recently completed the Planned Parenthood's Local Progressive Candidate Leadership Program" which is another course organized by the Center for Progressive Leadership. 

This will need to be addressed in a blog entry all its own. 

Yet another graduate from the same Emerge Arizona class was Wenona Benally.  She is married to Sal Baldenegro who is running for the State House in LD2.  Wenona, on the other hand, has her sites on DC and is currently running for US Congress in CD1.  She is endorsed by the Progressive Democrats of America. 

(Carolyn Cooper - L, Virginia Haufflaire- AZ PDA leader-R)

Other members of the
Phoenix Human Relations Commission include:

Diane D'Angelo, Chair   political writer,  helps the commission get the word out to the leftist organizations of Commission meetings like the most recent regarding Arpaio.

Terry Gunnell  Arizona State leader for AmeriCorp

Mel Hannah   Director of Community Outreach for the Urban League, Co-chair of Protect Arizona's Freedom  (other members include: Former U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Daniel R. Ortega, Jr., Kyrsten Sinema, Alessandra Soler Meetze- ACLU, Bill Straus, Anti-Defamation League and fellow PHRC member, Lindsey Walker- SEIU)

Isaac Hernandez   One of the lawyers in a lawsuit in 2008 against Joe Arpaio whose plaintiffs included Somos America, ACLU, Arizona ACLU,  MALDEF, Steptoe and Johnson.  The lawsuit was over alleged "racial profiling".  Co-chair Hispanic Law Students assoc/La Raza, expertise in counseling employers regarding discrimination, harassment, retaliation, medical leave, disability, wage and hour, wrongful termination, and non-compete issues and representing employers in state and federal court and before the National Labor Relations Board.

Nikki Hicks   community volunteer coordinator for the Cesar Chavez Foundation, Save the Family Foundation

LaShawn Jenkins   lawyer, Phoenix Urban League

Laurie Provost  Facilitator for the Anti-defamation League, GLBT educator

Bill Straus   Arizona regional director of the Anti-defamation League, called on an investigation of Arpaio back in 2008, see Mel Hannah above.

Suppose with all of these "coincidences" that there MIGHT be a conflict of interest on the Commission's part?