Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guest Worker Bill. It Speaks For Itself

This is a "Guest Worker Bill" from 2008 and its sponsors and co-sponsors. 

Senator Arzberger (D)
Senator Aguirre (D)
Senator Flake (R)
Senator Hale (D)
Senator Landrum Taylor (D)
Senator Miranda (D)
Senator Pesquiera (D)

Rep. Bradley (D)
Rep.  Burns J. (R)
Rep. Garcia M (D)
Rep. Konopnicki (R)
Rep. Pancrazi (D)
Rep. Ulmer (D)

Senator Garcia (D)
Senator McCune-Davis (D)
Senator Rios (D)

Rep. Ableser (D)
Rep. Adams (R)
Rep. Alvarez (D)
Rep. Brown (D)
Rep. Campbell Chad (D)
Rep. Gallardo (D)
Rep.  Lopes (D)
Rep.  Lopez (D)
Rep.  Lujan (D)
Rep.  McGuire (D)
Rep.  Meza (D)
Rep.  Rios P (D)
Rep.  Sinema (D)

See HERE for more on Rep. Lopes.

Then Rep. Sinema has been in the news recently regarding her ties to the Arizona Communist Party as early as 2002/2003.  

According to the author:
How does a conservative state like Arizona keep on electing Communist aligned public officials?
The answer is a very strong local Communist Party, built originally on the mining industry and sustained in recent years through work on the illegal immigration issue –
a very major part of Communist party USA long term strategy.

The bill states:


To the Congress of the United States of America:
Your memorialist respectfully represents:
Whereas, employers in the State of Arizona have a need for workers that is unmet by the local available labor force; and

Whereas, the need for additional workers occurs in numerous industries that are important to the economic welfare of the state, including the agriculture, hotel, hospitality, construction and homebuilding industries, and in hospitals and nursing homes; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona has historically used legal workers in the vegetable and agriculture industries; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona has experienced phenomenal growth increasing the need for skilled workers in the construction and homebuilding industries and other related industries; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona relies on economic benefits from the hotel and hospitality industry, which is experiencing a labor shortage; and

Whereas, hospitals and nursing homes in the State of Arizona have a shortage of adequate non-professional staff; and

Whereas, the state of Arizona has enacted the Arizona Temporary Worker Program, which becomes effective on federal authorization; and

Whereas, under the Arizona Temporary Worker Program, on request and application by an employer, the state of Arizona will issue Arizona temporary worker cards to sponsored foreign workers, after background checks, that will be authorized for two years, with renewal upon the employer's request and application. The program will require employers to report employees who do not show up for work, and the applicable employee cards will be cancelled, with notification to law enforcement. Employers will be required to comply with all employee-related state and federal laws.

Wherefore your memorialist, the Senate of the State of Arizona, the House of Representatives concurring, prays:

1. That the Congress of the United States enact federal legislation that authorizes the State of Arizona to implement the Arizona Temporary Worker Program.

2. That the Secretary of State of the State of Arizona transmit copies of this Memorial to the President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and each Member of Congress from the State of Arizona.

Putting the Communist Party connection aside,
Weren't we in a recession in 2008?

Was there really an "increased need for skilled workers in the areas of construction, homebuilding, hotel, hospitality, hospitals and nursing homes?"

Or was this just an excuse to push through an agenda?

No wonder so many CEOs in
healthcare, home building,
hospitality and the
Chamber of Commerce 
donated to Adams and
Konopnicki in 2009-2010.

Adams WAS given the 
by the
Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

For added emphasis:
Chad Campbell (middle right), Randy Parraz (right)

Landrum Taylor, Lopez, Gallardo