Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recall Election Night Interviews

The usual cast of characters?  Or is it......

Jerry Lewis stating that SB1070 is only about law enforcement and is an issue he cares about a lot and should consider how it affects families, education and all aspects of immigration......check.

Randy Parraz saying that Republicans, Independents worked together for a better place for our children......check.

Chad Snow stating that hispanics and "members of the church " worked for this and that Russell Pearce is not a good representative for "the church"......check.

Daniel Ortega, another immigration activist lawyer for added emphasis......check.

Saul Solis, Lydia Guzman.......the "faith-based" guy who showed up at a recent Mesa City Council meeting to push the Mesa Compact as well as another immigration activist and founder of Respect/Respecto whose partial duties included gathering "testimony" of civil rights abuses and racial profiling..................check and check.

Don Stapley?
"We are going to change the immigration laws to make for a better state of Arizona and for the whole nation."

What was a "Republican" like Don Stapley doing at the election night celebration party held at the Wright House sponsored by a radical group headed by Randy Parraz?

They must have gotten chummy from all of those Board of Supervisors meetings that Parraz attended.

There's a word for guys like Stapley.   Several words actually but we'll refrain from the ones with only four letters and stick with this one instead: