Saturday, January 7, 2012

Voter Registration Drives

Obama/Biden are kicking off their new voter registration drives starting this Saturday.

According to the website:

This will be our first event of the 2012 election.
Come out, help us register people to vote, and together we will turn Arizona blue.

There's sure to be plenty of ready and able volunteers to canvass on Obama's behalf. 

Voter Information 
Are You Ready for the Upcoming Elections?
Are You Registered to Vote?

Thirty Volunteers Receive GOTV Training from Promise Arizona

Expectedly, AFSCME Endorses Obama, Vows To Spend $100 Million On 2012 Election

AFGE will be hosting its first Legislative and Political Training aimed at Young Organizing Unionists for the Next Generation (Y.O.U.N.G.) at the Conference....It will encompass discussions on current legislation affecting young workers, the importance of young workers getting involved in the upcoming 2012 elections, and highlight AFGE’s GOTV efforts and Voter Protection Program.

Hopefully, Republicans have learned from 2008 that
GOTV campaigns need to start happening