Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Kirk Adams: Lying, Deceiving, Manipulating And Distracting..

While Matt Salmon is campaigning on issues and presenting actual solutions, Kirk Adams is doing only what Adams knows best.  Lying, deceiving, manipulating and distracting.  We never did find a budget or pension bill that Adams claimed he "authored". 

We don't see that he has even clarified his deceptive statement that he "opted out of the state pension system" knowing that option only applied to that specific term.  The same term that he only served 4 months.

We also noticed that Adams conveniently leaves out the fact that he, himself, was a registered lobbyist.

Some things never change.  

So, Adams has chosen to use what little capital he had left by propagating Obama-style tactics and forcing Salmon to respond over and over again to his baseless and ignorant claims.  

Adams knows that he MUST distract from his own incompetence if he has any shot of winning the election. 

The following is another statement from the Salmon campaign refuting Adams' tired lie.


As the Republican primary election for Congressional District 5 enters the final week, Kirk Adams and his campaign continues to make dishonest accusations about my husband Matt Salmon and his professional record. The most untruthful of these accusations concerns the allegation that Matt  lobbied for and supported the passage and expansion of ObamaCare.

Simply put, this is 100% false and a complete distortion of the truth.

To clear any confusion you might have about this untruthful accusation, I wanted to send you an email to set the record straight and demonstrate Kirk Adams’ dishonesty about his claim that Matt Salmon lobbied for and supported ObamaCare. Please observe this information carefully, and if you have further questions, I am certain that Matt would be willing to answer them truthfully just as he has done throughout his career.

First, here are the facts.

1)      Matt Salmon has NEVER lobbied for the passage of ObamaCare, the expansion of ObamaCare, or supported ObamaCare in any way, shape or form.

2)      Matt Salmon has NEVER lobbied for or against any legislation pertaining to ObamaCare.

3)      Matt Salmon’s former business partner, John Haddow, was the consultant who represented Lundbeck and Millennium pharmaceutical companies

4)      John Haddow actually lobbied AGAINST ObamaCare, NOT for the passage of it NOR for the expansion of it.  

Second, here is the evidence to back up the facts:

1)      Below is a link to a press release from Matt’s campaign with a quote from Matt himself stating that neither he or his former firms were ever compensated to support or lobby for ObamaCare.

2)      Below is a link to a FACT CHECK story by ABC 15 News regarding Kirk Adams’ accusations that Matt lobbied for and supported ObamaCare. Here is the last line of the FACT CHECK by ABC 15 News: “ABC15's FACT CHECK determines Adams claims in the TV ad are inconclusive.”

3)      Below is a link to a blog that provides independent 3rd party research on Kirk Adams’ accusation. As you will find, it is thoroughly researched and Kirk’s claim that Matt Salmon lobbied for and supported ObamaCare is found to be baseless point by point.

4)      Finally, below is a statement from Mike Eging, who headed up the Washington office for one of the pharmaceutical companies that Kirk Adams references to in his accusations:

“I was the head of the Washington office from 2009-2012 for Lundbeck Pharmaceutical company, which retained Policy Impact Communications and later Upstream Consulting in Washington, DC.  John Haddow was our consultant from this firm. His background in health care while serving as a staff member of the key health committee was the driving force in our retaining him.  Our first goal was to allow the health reform bill to fail but absent that we had to make a critical change.  John was tasked to assist in changing the onerous language pertaining to Section 340B, particularly as it applied to Orphan products.  Our team was successful in reversing the changes negotiated by the hospitals and the Obama administration.  Matt Salmon did not work on our account. Michael Eging”

One more thing to note about this matter. After Kirk Adams initially launched this deceitful attack, Matt mailed a certified letter to his campaign office stating the facts and informing Kirk that his accusations were distorted and untruthful and politely asking him to refrain from continuing to spread this false attack. Days later, Matt received the same letter he had sent to Kirk Adams’ office with a hand written note that said “refused.” Needless to say, this action speaks volumes about Kirk’s refusal to listen to the truth and his willingness to campaign using misleading accusations.

I hope you better understand why I feel that Matt is the best man to represent us in Washington.  He has taken the positive high road in this campaign to talk about those issues most important to this nation.   Not only is Matt the more experienced and better candidate, but he has proven to always keep his word (just like when he kept his term limits pledge) and demonstrate the highest levels of integrity in both his personal and professional lives.

I encourage you to review this material and choose wisely when voting for Congress.

Please cast your vote for Matt and share the truth about this deceitful attack with all of your friends.

With appreciation for your friendship,

Nancy Salmon

You can view another copy of the email from Michael Eging at Gilbert Watch.