Friday, August 3, 2012

Jerry Lewis' Endorsements Resemble Something Other Than "Republican"

Well, isn't Jerry Lewis just out there in the open with his leftist endorsements?  There is absolutely NOTHING "Republican" about this man.


We feel sorry for the Republicans in Lewis' new district.  Seems they won't have much of a choice this November.  Either vote for the candidate who openly admits to being a Democrat, or the one who tries to hide it.  Both candidates are supported by the same leftists.  Lewis is brazen enough to put DEMOCRATS on his endorsement list.  So, what's the difference?


We recognized a few names on Lewis' endorsement list and thought we would share them with you.  About the only thing "Republican" about them is that many of them "like" Jerry Lewis and Bob Worsley.  Which translates to "we hate Russell Pearce".  Is it weird that just about all of them work closely with Randy Parraz?

 Names like:

Ruth Carreon 

Rene, Nora & Kevin Castaneda  (Rene held an event for Worsley.  Kevin "likes" all things "Occupy" and other upstanding "Republican" organizations like "Americans Against the Tea Party.)

Michael Conway  (former DEMOCRAT candidate for AZ House in 2010 and member of the old LD18 Democrats board)

Carmen & Zarco Guerrero 

Rosie Lopez (This one is our favorite.  What conservative Republican WOULDN'T want to have the endorsement of one of the founders of Chicanos por la Causa?)

Daniel Martinez (or from a Dream activist and whose fellow activist friends include leftists like Raquel Teran, Randy Parraz, Jennifer Allen from the open borders group Border Action Network, Todd Landfried, and Rebekah Friend from the AFL-CIO.)

Donald & Elizabeth Savino (His own Facebook photo is a button that says, "Vote Democratic!"


Deanna Villanueva (Mesa Public Schools.  Other political Facebook "friends" include leftist Democrats like David Lujan, Katie Hobbs, Dennis Kavanaugh, Raquel Teran, Michael Conway, David Luna, Steve Gallardo)

Amanda Zill  (one of Randy Parraz's toadies.  We're still not sure what political party she belongs to but her "friends" on Facebook include a head of the Arizona Progressive Democrats of America, Stephen Lemons and Steve Gallardo to name a few.)