Monday, October 1, 2012

Quote Of The Day: David Horowitz

An obviously brain-washed student asked David Horowitz a question by stating,

"I work in the black community and I'm not seeing 'quality and freedom' as far as resources for schools and jobs in these neighborhoods."

She wanted to know how Mr. Horowitz defined "quality and freedom."  After confirming with the woman that she was, indeed, a Democratic voter, he responded by saying,

"Are you aware that every major inner-city where these problems exist...where the schools are destroying the lives of black children....every single one of them, whether it's New York, South Central L.A., Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Harlem, St. Louis, every one is 100% controlled by the Democrat party?

You say that you're concerned about the deteriorating schools and I'm telling you who's responsible and you vote for them.  So you have to look at your commitment.

This is a terrible crime that is being committed against black and Hispanic children because the Democrat party is running the schools as a 'jobs program'.  It's the teacher's unions...teachers have contracts where they work six hours a day, they have four months paid vacation, they get raises even if they don't teach the kids...who else in our society has that?

Until black people will look towards the Republican party and get into it and fight it, they are never going to get out of this hole."