Friday, October 19, 2012

Arizona Accountability Project

On September 10th, an independent expenditure group registered under the name the Arizona Accountability Project.

The Chairman of the group is Linda Somo and the Treasurer listed is Joseph Losada.

Losada is the CPA for the illegal immigrant sympathizer organization Valle del Sol   who is part of another lawsuit against SB1070.  The group claims that they might be discriminated against simply because of their name. 

One of the Senior management members for Valle del Sol is Luz Sarmina. Sarmina is also a member of "The Real Arizona Coalition" which includes groups such as Chicanos por la Causa, proponents of the Arizona Accord, Todd Landfried from the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, Friendly House, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, etc. Many of whom are listed as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

Linda Somo is the President of the Arizona Education Association-Retired organization.

Linda Somo also hosted a meet and greet with Bob Worsley during the primary campaign sponsored by the Mesa Education Association.  When it was discovered that the Mesa Education Association was an affiliate of the Saul Alinsky Industrial Areas Foundation, the meet and greet invite information was scrubbed from Worsley's Facebook page.

Mesa Education Association (May 9, 2012)

Join friends and neighbors to meet the candidate Bob Worsley...Republican candidate for AZ State Senate in new LD25. Monday, May 14 6:30 PM 4240 E. Hope St. Mesa, AZ 85205 RSVP to Linda Somo at Refreshments provided.

The Arizona Accountability Project has received $300,000 from another IE called Revive Arizona Now.  Joseph Losada is listed as the treasurer for both funds. 

Revive Arizona Now received funding from:

Great Schools Now - $50k
NEA - $266k
UFCW - $90k
Building Arizona's Future $20k
Arizona LIST PAC - $5k
Mi Familia Vota - $50k
Southwest Regional Carpenters $100k

The Arizona Accountability Project has since donated to either advocate the election or defeat of candidates in the upcoming general election.  Such as:

Advocating election of Tom Chabin - Democrat District 6 running against Republican Chester Crandell   $146k

Advocating defeat of Joe Ortiz - Republican District 8 running against Democrat Barbara McGuire $116k

Advocating defeat of Jerry Lewis - Republican District 26 running against Democrat Ed Ableser  $75k

Advocating defeat of John McComish - Republican District 18 running against Democrat Jane Hydrick  $97k

Advocating defeat of Frank Antenori - Republican District 10 running against Democrat David Bradley  $40k

We couldn't understand why Mr. Lewis would choose to mingle with radical leftists during the recall election.  It didn't make sense why Mr. Worlsey would chose to pander to a group of leftists during the primary election.  Linda Somo donated $50 to his campaign.  We also couldn't figure out why those on Worsley's campaign upon learning about Ms. Somo, chose to push the narrative that she was just a "harmless grandma having a few neighbors over for cookies." 

It appears that the "harmless grandma" has contributed over $36k to defeat Worsley's pal, Jerry Lewis, in spite of the fact that these groups (Valle del Sol, Chicanos por la Causa, Todd Landfried, etc) helped Lewis win the recall election. 


The sweet grandma also gave another $30k to defeat Lewis' other Buddie, John McComish. 

Rich Crandall, John McComish, Bob Worsley, Jerry Lewis, Adam Driggs on Primary Election night.

Partnering with ignorant and willful "Republicans",  just another way the left is turning Arizona blue.

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