Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jerry Lewis, Andy Tobin and Karen Fann Campaigns Aided By Unions **UPDATED DONATIONS**

Let us introduce you to yet another Independent Expenditure called "Safe Communities."

 We recently came across Safe Communities when we discovered that they contributed $18,000 to help support "lewsly republican" Jerry Lewis in District 26.  They also donated $18,000 to help support Democrat Barbara McGuire running against Ortiz in District 8.  Mr. Ortiz has received ZERO help from the various Republican funds to fight the over $124,000 spent by the Democrats.

Let's see who exactly IS "Safe Communities."

Some of the money given to Safe Communities came from firefighters and law enforcement unions.  Safe Communities also received a $13,000 contribution from another IE called "People For Arizona."  People for Arizona spent $20,000 to help Andy Tobin and Karen Fann in the primary election to defeat Lori Klein.

People for Arizona received a $45,000 donation from the IE called Residents for Accountability.  Remember this group? The Chairman is Israel Torres.  Torres paid Obama's former Mao-loving Communications Director Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen's company, SKDKnickerbocker $24,000 for polling and consulting.  Residents for Accountability also gave Torres' other IE, Revitalize Arizona, **$700,000** which has been spent to defeat Republicans such as Chester Crandell, Frank Antenori, and John McComish.

Who donated to Residents for Accountability?

The Arizona Pipe Trades Union 469  gave **$587,000**.  The IBEW donated **$100,000** and the Firefighters Union gave **$30,000**. 

The Arizona Pipe Trades Union 469 has paid Torres' firm $144,000 for "consulting fees" through May 2012 and another $64,000 between May and September.

Torres' firm is listed as the email contact for the Pipe Trades Union 469.  The Pipe Trades Union donated to one Republican, Andy Tobin's campaign in 2010.  The union also made a $50,000 political donation to a PAC in October 2011 listed only as "A Better Arizona" and whose address is the same as the Torres Law Firm.  However, we were unable to locate a PAC with the name "A Better Arizona."  The closest we found was Citizens For A Better Arizona, founded by agitator Randy Parraz to fight Russell Pearce and support Jerry Lewis during the 2011 recall.  The October 17, 2011 donation would have been during the time of the recall which might explain Torres' continued support for Jerry Lewis.

So Jerry Lewis, Andy Tobin and Karen Fann have received help from radical leftists. 

Turning Arizona Blue.....