Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Residents For Accountability/Revitalize Arizona And Anita Dunn?

We first brought you the Independent Expenditure group called America Votes.

Next up, another IE called "Residents for Accountability."

The Chairman of this group is Israel Torres.  Torres is a partner in the Torres Consulting and Law Group and has received numerous awards such as one from Valle del Sol and the Daniel Ortega Public Service award.  Clients of the Torres firm include countless trade unions throughout the country.  Torres also sits on the board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 

One of the partners in the Torres firm is James Barton who was the Assistant Attorney General in 2010 who dropped the recall petitions challenge by Russell Pearce.

Residents for Accountability gave over $137,000 to another IE called "Revitalize Arizona" which Torres also Chairs.

Revitalize Arizona then spent the money to defeat Republicans such as John McComish (Senate District 18), Frank Antenori (Senator District 10) and Chester Crandell (Senator District 6) while supporting their Democrat opponents Tom Chabin (Senator District 6), Jane Hydrick (Senate District 18)  and David Bradley (Senate District 10).

Where else did Revitalize Arizona spend their money?

Democratic polling companies such as Lake Research Partners ($28,000) and SKD Knickerbocker ($24,000) both located in Washington D.C. .

The President of Lake Research is Celinda Lake.  Lake Research claims to be the "Most respected Democratic polling firms in the country."

It continues...

"The firms work has moved the Progressive agenda forward on a variety of issues.  Working against conservatives, Celinda's research demonstrated that the phrase 'religious political extremists' was much more communicative than the vernacular 'religious right.'  In the healthcare arena, her research showed that talking about 'reducing healthcare costs' and the 8 out of 10 working families without adequate health insurance was key."

Clients of Lake Research Partners include:

Bill Clinton
Joe Biden
Nancy Pelosi
Janet Napolitano
Sheila Jackson Lee
UFCW Arizona
SEIU Arizona
Ballot initiatives:  opposed California Prop 4 in 2008 which would require parental notification for an abortion, the Arizona Prop 107 "same sex marriage" amendment, and Arizona Prop 202 also in 2006 to increase the minimum wage.

The other company which was paid by Revitalize Arizona was SKD Knickerbocker.  The letters "SKD" stand for "Squier, Knapp, Dunn".  

The "Dunn" in SKD is none other than Obama's former White House Communications Mao-loving director, Anita Dunn who has gone on to represent Sandra Fluke in her faux media firestorm charade.  Prior to her White House position, Dunn served on Obama's 2008 campaign consulting team as the Senior Advisor/Chief Communications Officer.

Another managing director for SKDKnickerbocker is Hilary "Ann Romney never worked a day in her life" Rosen.

These two companies were paid over $50,000 to help progressive groups in Arizona defeat Republicans in an effort to move the Arizona Senate more to the left.

Turning Arizona Blue......