Friday, June 1, 2012

Jeff Flake's Out Of State Donors

Is it odd that Jeff Flake has received almost half of his funding from donors outside of Arizona?

We think it is.

Here are the donors who are actually FROM the state he would presumably represent.

Some of whom include:

Kirk Adams  $500.00
Joseph Abate  $250.00
Wendy and Mark Briggs  $2000
Jim and Vicki Click  $10,000
Chad Coons  $1000
Kevin Demenna  $2500
Ross Farnsworth  $7800
Broc Hiatt  $2500
Don and Marie Isaacson  $1000
David and Nancy LeSeuer  $5000
Marion Magruder  $1000
Heather Sandstrom  $1000
Kenneth P Smith  $250
Steve Twist  $2500
Jeffrey and Holly Whiteman  $5000
Bob Worsley  $4600
Doug Yonko  $1000
Chris Zaharis  $2500


Is this Kirk Adams' or Jerry Lewis' donor list?

No.  It's Flake's.  But it sure looks vaguely similar.