Friday, June 15, 2012

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Jerry Lewis' Big Announcement

It was almost one year ago when the S.U.I.T. (Shameful Useful Idiot Tool), Jerry Lewis, announced he planned to run against fellow Republican Senator, Russell Pearce, in the LD18 recall election.

When reviewing some past video footage of that day, we noticed a few familiar faces. 

There was, of course, Don Stapley who knows agitator activist Randy Parraz well from the numerous Maricopa County Board of Supervisor meetings Parraz crashed.  Stapley, along with several of his friends (who he is seen talking to on the right side of the photo) and his son, must not have gotten the memo that the LEWIS election night party was being held at a different location and not at the WRIGHT HOUSE.  Under normal conditions, this might have been construed as an "oversight".  However, not only did Stapley show up at the leftist election night party, he also participated in a video commentary along with radical leftists such as Chad Snow, Randy Parraz, Lydia Guzman, and activist lawyer who is suing Arizona Sheriffs and County Attorneys, Daniel Ortega.


Stapley made it over to Lewis' party that night, eventually.

Also seen in the background of the video on the right side of the screen is radical progressive New Times writer, Stephen Lemons.

Following right behind Mr. Lemons is Todd Landfried.  The spokesman for the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform and who pushed for a Utah-style Compact in Arizona.  Mr. Landfried is VERY familiar with the Wright House.

He also showed up there at a celebration party the day CBA submitted their recall petitions.
(seen with his back to the camera talking to activist Roberto Reveles from the ACLU and Parraz)

Here's Landfried (seen in the background) when CBA submitted their recall petitions.

Landfried also became very familiar with Jerry Lewis.
(Hey, isn't that one of Kirk Adams' "A-TEAM" members in the picture?)
Here is Mr. Landfried at Jerry Lewis' election night party with agitator, D.D. Blase, who prides herself in thwarting the fundraising efforts of Russell Pearce last evening by threatening restaurants to discriminate against his supporters.
Who's intolerant again?

In the video, Don Stapley claimed that people all over the country would say to him, "What's wrong with you people?"

We can say the same of him.

Yeah, Mr. Stapley. 
What's wrong with you people?