Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jerry's New Found Friends

Last week, the S.U.I.T. Jerry Lewis hosted a fundraiser for Marcelino Quinonez, candidate for the Roosevelt District School Board.  Lewis brought along his good friend, Kenneth "As for me and my house, we support Lewis  Worsley"  Smith
We're pretty sure that Lewis was the only token "Republican" (and we use the term very loosely) host. All in the name of "bi-partisan". 

Who is Quinonez?

Well, one of his favorite quotes on his Facebook page is by Che Guevara.

A true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love.

All those Occupiers who were destroying private property, defecating on police cars and doing other "revolutionary" (illegal) activities must have really been feeling the love.

One of many leftist supporters of Quinonez include:

DeeDee Blase
Please take a moment to donate some money or support to Marcelino Quiñonez's campaign! Donate and be a part of history.

Also Randy Parraz, Chad Snow and Stephen Lemons.

When Parraz asked those who helped with the recall of Russell Pearce to stand up at a recent fundraiser, Quinonez stood and cheered. (1 hour mark).

It also didn't come as a big surprise to learn that one of the current members of the Roosevelt school board  is Arizona Democratic Representative, Catherine Miranda.

***We are putting out an APB for any information leading to an actual REPUBLICAN EVENT or fundraiser that Lewis has attended.***  

Other hosts of the event included Progressive Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski,
Jerry Lewis
"Great to be at Marcelino's fundraiser tonight and greet so many friends. — with Marcelino Quiñonez and Michael Nowakowski."

 who has also been photographed with people like Joe Biden, Luis Gutierrez, Dolores Huerta and Justice Sotomayor.

Immigration activist, Linda Torres, was also a host of the fundraiser.  Here is another picture of her when she received the Valle del Sol "Profiles of Success" award.  Valle del Sol is a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Arizona County Attorneys and Sheriffs.  The group who claims they will be discriminated against simply because of their name. 

Newly appointed Democratic State Representative Martin Quezada was also a special host.  Here are some other pictures of Martin and his pals.

We also heard DREAM activist, Daniel.Rodriguez Montelongo was at the fundraiser too.  He is the guy seen here in a past photo with Jeff Flake. (seen sitting on the aisle behind Lewis)

Also in attendance was Rosie Lopez, the wife of the founder of Chicanos por la Causa. (seen sitting in front of Jerry Lewis)

It looks as though Jerry Lewis has made some good, Democratic Socialist and Progressive friends since he has been in the legislature. We're sure that he will stay in touch with them even after he is voted out of office in a few months.  Which is good because it looks as though his old friends during the recall election have all but abandoned him in an effort to help their next S.U.I.T., Bob Worsley.

We hear there are a couple of good Mexican Restaurants in Phoenix where Lewis and his new friends would be welcome and could meet up for a few laughs and drinks.