Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Barack Obama Song

Brought to you by the Leftist group Kid Pan Alley 
Bailey's Elementary School in Fairfax Co, VA

January 2009

Other Kid Pan Alley hits include:

Some people have it all but they still don't think they have enough.
They want more money, a faster ride.
They're not content, never satisfied.  Yes, they're the 1%.

Patrick Henry said give me liberty or give me death
but I say give me the arts, give me science, give me music, give me dance, give me an education, so I'll have half a chance

I like the janitor, Mr. Anderson
he makes the school look good and he's really nice
he doesn't give us homework, he doesn't give us chores
but he still won't come to my house and pick my clothes up off the floor

our teachers, Mr. Carter and Mrs. Tam
work together as a second grade first class team
to help us do experiments, they help us with our math
they know all the answers that lead us down our path

There's this story I keep telling myself that keeps on coming back
can't get it out of my head it needs a different ending instead
but now I'm going off to bed to dream about changing the world

I don't wanna change my life that would be awkward, no, no
I just wanna change the world
I wanna make it fair
wanna make it right
make it so that people can live their lives
I don't wanna change my life.  I wanna change the world

If I could just change one thing here's what I would do
get people off the street give them shelter and food to eat
we'd all be family dreamin' bout changing the world

About Kid Pan Alley
Conservative media outlets raised the alarm about a song praising the Occupy movement, called "Part of the 99," that was supposedly created by Albemarle County, Va. third graders and supervised by members of a group called Kid Pan Alley. The mainstream media, predictably, tried to sweep the controversy under the rug. But both conservative and mainstream outlets failed to report the fact that the several of the directors of Kid Pan Alley are avowed liberals, donating to Democratic politicians and embracing liberal causes.

As reported by Weasel Zippers, the Occupier-praising song was created under the auspices of Kid Pan Alley, a Charlottesville-based group which goes into schools and allows children to be songmakers. Kid Pan Alley boasts that it inspires "kids [to] use their imaginations - to be creators of their own music." The group has a wide reach: according to its website, the group has "written over 1,800 songs with over 30,000 children."

Coming to a school near you......