Monday, March 12, 2012

IAF Interfaith Organizations

The main goal of SHIELD is to educate others and bring them up to speed as to the tactics of the radical left.

These are videos of various events sponsored by Saul Alinsky's IAF organizations.  See if you recognize a reoccurring theme.

Pennsylvania Action  Sept 2006

"...highlight crisis, concern in areas of education, health care...the flip side of crisis is opportunity.  We have an opportunity to get it right.  That's what this community center stands for.  It stands for building at the community level.  It stands for reaching out and opening arms and welcoming people to come together.  To build community and to act on those concerns we have of these crisis issues like education, like health care, and the third element of our agenda today is the environment."

Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement (VOICE) is a broad-based organization that works to organize the communities of Northern Virginia across all religious, racial, ethnic, and class lines for the public good. VOICEs primary goal is to develop local leadership and organized power to fight for social justice. VOICE strives to hold both public and private power holders accountable for their public responsibilities.

VOICE is multi-issue. The issues VOICE works on come from within its institutions, from the concerns of the people. VOICE crosses neighborhood, racial, religious, and class lines to find common ground and act on our faith and democratic values.
"Coming together not to just TALK about justice, but we have come to DO justice!"

Chairman Corey Stewart (R) from the Board of Supervisors of the Commonwealth of VA was asked by Venus Miller  to come on stage and answer questions posed by VOICE.  The same Alinsky tactic used by people like Randy Parraz in forcing groups like city councils or Board of supervisors to sign off on resolutions or compacts.

1.  Will you work with VOICE to impliment an affordable housing agenda?  (No I will not)
2.  Will you set up meetings between VOICE and the officials of Prince William County? (Yes I can do that)
3.  Will you support the VOICE agenda to expand ? services in Northern Virginia to those who are in need?  (Not in terms of county programs we will not do that.)

Chairman Stewart was given 2 minutes to respond.  He stated in his final remark that one issue that needs to be addressed is reducing the number of abortions.  To which the crowd of FAITH BASED people became agitated and said, "we aren't here to discuss that issue.  It's not one of the issues at this point."

Then, Venus Miller and her partner made Chairman Stewart stand there and listen to their complaints.

V.O.I.C.E    Oct 2008
Same group listed above only this time, the questions were directed to a former Democratic candidate for Governor of VA who answered "yes" to their questions.

Border Interfaith Sept 2009

"We exist to identify, train and empower a diverse group of community leaders whose web of relationships transcend economic, racial, gender and religious divisions.  The congregations that comprise Border Interfaith work for a community where the schools are excellent, where our residents have affordable health care and where all people are treated with respect.  We hold our elected officials accountable to ensure they protect our natural environment, manage growth carefully and make basic services available to all.  By building power and engaging actively in democratic civic life, our institutions and leaders are transforming our border region."

Faith Vote  Sept 2009
Ohio IAF GOTV Campaign
"Faith Vote Columbus is a project of the Industrial Areas Foundation.  It a national network of community organizations.  It goes back to 1940.  We were founded by Saul Alinsky who's considered by most to be the founder of American community organizing and we've continued to develop the organizing model.  And that has meant taking these basic principles and doing the block by block GOTV work.  Recruiting and training volunteers.  That used to be the bread and butter of precinct politics and somehow that got lost.  Especially in the context of a national campaign.... With Faith Vote, we're creating that culture, that political infrastructure"

Immigration march    March 21, 2010  Washington DC

Organized by the Center for Community Change (CCC), the March 21 event will be the largest protest march since President Barack Obama took office. It will include activist groups from nearly every state, and revives the labor-religious-community coalition that built the mass marches of 2006.
According to lead CCC March organizer Gabe Gonzalez, SEIU, UNITE HERE, LIUNA and the UFCW have all committed to mobilize for the march. Gonzalez also told me "the churches are totally on board," with evangelical churches--- which have seen a steady rise in Latinos---playing a larger role than in 2006. Such faith-based activist networks as Gamaliel, PICO and the IAF are also involved, which means that a large cadre of very experienced organizers is involved in ensuring the event's success.

Metro IAF   April 2010
Protesting credit card interest rates.  In attendance:
Arnie Graf (Co-director of the IAF - see previous video)
Joe McMullen (Treasure of Civil Service Employees Association, AFSCME)
Bishop David Benke  (Lutheran church)
Reverend Dan Smith
Reverend Jeff Curtis
Reverent Hermon Hamilton
James McDonald (Asst. Treasurer of the State of Massachusetts)
Bernie Sanders (Vermont Senator)

V.O.I.C.E  April 2011
Demands Immelt, GE, Bank of America, JP Morgan Address Foreclosure Crisis