Monday, February 27, 2012

Occupy Phoenix: We Are One (with leftists)

We will take a closer look at this video that we discussed in a previous entry.  Try hard not to think about the ironic signs in the background that say "LIFE BEFORE PROFITS".  It begs the question, would they lend those signs to someone to use at a pro-life march against Planned Parenthood?

At 4:50, Senator Gallardo steps up to the plate flanked by our Rebekah "Friend" from the AFL-CIO and in true form, brought out his inner Russell Pearce obsession hatred.

I am an Arizona State Senator and I stand with the 99%!  Say no more to the Corporate greed.  No more to those elected officials, those politicians, and some of them are my colleagues, who continue to want to push legislation that doesn't benefit working families, do not benefit the majority of the this state or majority of those in the country, but it benefits themselves.  We're here to say it's a new game!  It's a new day in Arizona and across this country.
  That the working families are going to stand up and say, 'no more! 
 No more to that type of legislation!'

I was so proud early on in November when I saw organizations like organizing labor....Promise Arizona....where are you?  Promise?  (crowd cheers)....who stood up in LD18 to say, 'no more to Senator Russell Pearce.'  No more.  No more to his statements that racial profiling was a good thing.  No more to his statements that operation wetback was a good thing.  No more to his type of legislation that gave 1/2 billion dollars to special interest and corporate America.  No more!  Shame on Russell Pearce and shame on those colleagues who voted with him.  We sent him a message....and it wasn't just Democrats folks!  It was Republicans, Independents, Democrats.  It was the 99%.  We sent him packing and sent him walking.  LD18 was just 1 election folks.  We have more elections coming up in 2012 and we have to work in solidarity to drive a loud message not only to those in the legislature, but those members of congress that you either stand with the 99% of those folks that are struggling day in and day out, or guess what?
  We will send you to the same door we sent Russell Pearce!

The next person to speak was Diane D'Angelo.  Remember Diane?  She's the chairwoman of the Phoenix Human Relations Commission who is working with Randy Parraz in his effort to go after Joe Arpaio.  It was the HRC that voted to call for Sheriff Joe to step down.   D'Angelo spoke and encouraged those in attendance to band together with the Occupy movement.

This isn't any big surprise, however.  We already knew that groups like the AFL-CIO, Moveon and SEIU would take advantage of the situation.  This next April 9-15th,  in honor of MLK, these groups plan to "train" upwards of 100,000 people in homes, places of worship, campuses and the streets to join together "in the work of reclaiming our country".


UAW, MoveOn, UNITE HERE, New Organizing Institute, SEIU, Greenpeace, United Steel Workers, Working Families Party, Rebuild the Dream (Van Jones), PICO Network (IAF) , National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLO), Progressive Democrats of America (Tim Carpenter from Phoenix, AZ wearing Dodgers shirt standing next to Dan O'Neal and Virginia Haufflaire who helped with the Pearce recall)

Just to name a few.