Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Al Jazeera?

There is a certain TP Leader who apparently likes to do vanity Google searches for her name and her organization.  And by TP we don't mean the TEA Party.  But, in an effort to reduce the chances that this certain person will discover this blog and whine to her friends directing them with a link, we have abbreviated the name.  Let's just say the name of the group isn't "tea" but rather an alcoholic beverage.

Seen here with Todd Landfried from the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform:

This TP Leader said:
What a media day! Finished with Reuters, CNN Latino,
and now Al Jazeera who requested video of the tequila party movement
in action ...


Seems Al Jazeera has taken an interest in the immigration issue.
And they apparently got the memo about making sure to include "faith-based" leaders in their reporting.

200,000 Latinos convert to Islam in the US.
"There are so many common denominations between immigrant Muslims and immigrant Hispanics who see the issues common to both of them. Immigration issues is a big discussion in the US and there are other issues of trying to find a job, keep a job, buy a home, all the same struggles two groups of people happen to be going through creates this bond between them.
Many who come from Central and South America come with conservative values and as well as Muslims come also with conservative values and here in the States, they find that those values are being challenged. It's common to see that Hispanic and Muslim working on similar projects in terms of family, education, reforms to protect their values. The conservative values they have."
Maybe there is something to this news report from Atlanta?
(interview with JD Hayworth on Muslim Terrorists Crossing US/Mexican Border )

or this from 2005?

Iranian smuggling ring busted near Mex border.
A 39-year-old Iranian with permanent legal residency status who is suspected of having smuggled 60 other Iranians into the U.S. was arrested in Mesa, Ariz., according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.