Friday, February 24, 2012

MALF - Maricopa Area Labor Federation (AFL-CIO)

Well.  Look who attended the MLK/Cesar Chavez "We are one" luncheon sponsored by MALF (AFL-CIO) in April 2011.

Randy Parraz.  Friend of Richard Trumka.

Paul Castaneda, Vice-Chair of MALF, said:

"We've already talked about taking out Senator Russell Pearce.  Randy and staff are doing a great job.  We want to recognize Geoff Esposito who is field director.  They are currently working out of our Union Hall over on 36th Street and McDowell.  If you want to write a check,  make it out to Citizens for a Better Arizona... We need a little extra help to get rid of Mr. Pearce."

Jim Parker, Geoff Esposito and Brenda Rascon celebrating at the Wright House the day they submitted the recall petitions in May 2011.

at 4:30, in the video, you can see Randy Parraz appear.

at 5:00, you can see his fellow progressive leftist, Carolyn Cooper, also appear to be in attendance with Parraz.

Yes.  The SAME Carolyn Cooper who showed up to speak in front of the Guadalupe Town Council along with Randy Parraz and Steve Gallardo to beg the council to sign off on a resolution to force Joe Arpaio to resign.
 And the Progressive Democrats of America Conference.
 And with Lydia Guzman (who is helping the DOJ in their lawsuit against AZ and Arpaio) along with being an active member of CBA/Randy Parraz.