Monday, November 28, 2011

Election Night November 8, 2011

It appears some people were making the rounds on election night.  Those standing in the background sure look an awful lot like Don Stapley and his son, Tom, talking to what looks like Stapley's long time friend, Merwin Grant.


The picture was taken at the Wright House on election night.  The Wright House was the location of the Citizens for a Better Arizona recall group party.  Notice the matching PAZ (Promise Arizona en Accion)  t-shirts.  This group of activists were key to getting out the vote for Lewis.  Other attendees included Petra Falcon, Salvador Reza, Raquel Teran, Steve Gallardo, Domingo Garcia (one of the largest contributors to CBA) and other misc. activists.  It's not every day you can get all of these people together in the same room, let alone, have someone like Mr. Stapley show up.  What are the odds?

 In this video clip, you can see what appears to be Don Stapley and Merwin Grant in the background (1:07) in a circle talking to other notable characters and wearing the same outfits.  Only this video was taken at the Jerry Lewis celebration party, also on election night. 

Don Stapley was no stranger to Randy Parraz.  Stapley knew who Parraz was from back in the day when Parraz caused a ruckus at a couple of Board of Supervisors meetings in 2008 along with his cohort, Raquel Teran from PAZ.

You can read a completely unbiased media report of the incident here.  Sure, it's an article written by Stephen Lemons in the New Times, but I'm sure it is factually accurate.