Sunday, November 27, 2011

UNIDOS (United Non-discriminatory Individuals Demanding Our Studies)

Attempting to expose the faces of the radical left.

The video clip in my previous post referenced a group of youth storming the Tucson School Board meeting in May 2011.  The group who spearheaded the effort was UNIDOS (United Non-discriminatory Individuals Demanding Our Studies).

UNIDOS -a new youth coalition of students from local high schools, alumni and community members-demand that TUSD Governing Board, the State Board of Education, and the state of Arizona must act in accordance to international human rights law. UNIDOS was created in response to HB 2281 and the growing attacks on our education. UNIDOS seeks to protect and expand Ethnic Studies and promote the values of diversity, justice and equity in our education.

This is another angle of the commotion.  One of the "students" in the video can be seen on the far left.  Her name is Leilani Clarke.  It is also interesting to note that in the video (at :40), you can see Isabel Garcia, Pima County Public Defender, appear calling out "excessive force against a minor".

This is interesting because Leilani Clark was at least 22 years old when this event took place.  Hardly a "student" in the TUSD, let alone, a minor.

22 year old political activist from Tucson, AZ.

She began her political career after being highly influenced by the critical thinking skills and political analysis she acquired while in Tucson Unified School District’s Ethnic Studies Department and later in Tucson High Magnet School’s chapter of M.E.Ch.A. Right after she graduated from Tucson High in 2007 she became a youth intern for la Coalicion de Derechos Humanos. Last year she became recognized nationwide as one of the members of the Capital 9, the first individuals who were arrested for protesting SB 1070.

Leilani has also attended several other protests.

April 2010
(3:20)   Arrested for chaining herself to the Capitol building and later being known as one of the Capitol 9.

May 2010
"Students" walked to the State building to greet Tom Horne.
At 4:25, you can see Leilani Clarke, appearing to look like a young, hip, high school aged student, addressing the camera.

April 30, 2011  
(1 minute in, you can also see Isabel Garcia come into view)

It is no coincidence that La Coaliciaion de Derechos Humanos is a group started by Isabel Garcia.  Leilani Clarke is one of her proteges. 

Derechos Hermanos has been involved in countless marches and protests throughout Arizona. 

...demanding open borders and promoting "Aztlan," the Derechos Humanos Coalition led a march through downtown Nogales, Arizona, demanding an end to the resistance to the Mexican invasion of the United States. Led by Pima County public defender, Isabel Garcia, Derechos Humanos clearly demonstrated that it is advancing Mexico's goal of the "Conquest of Aztlan."

May 2009
Along the way, I spotted notable participants such as Tucson firebrand Isabel Garcia, former state Senator Alfredo Gutierrez, Randy Parraz and Raquel Teran of Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability, former Guadalupe Mayor Rebecca Jimenez, ACORN organizer Monica Sandschafer, Respect/Repeto's Lydia Guzman, and cheeky Phoenix activist Adolfo Maldonado.

April 29, 2010
(:40)   Anti SB1070 protest in Tucson

Isabel Garcia vs. Senator Russell Pearce