Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rick Romley Pals Around With Parraz And Other Liberal Leftists

It is widely known that Andrew Thomas and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (particularly Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox) engaged in a high-profile feud which began in 2008.

It ended with the disbarment of Andrew Thomas.

In April 2010, the Board of Supervisors appointed Rick Romley as the Interim Maricopa County Attorney when Andrew Thomas resigned to run for Arizona Attorney General.

Which brings us to today.
We discovered last week that Romley participated on a panel for an event sponsored by the same group who headed the Russell Pearce recall effort and constantly harasses Joe Arpaio, Citizens for a Better Arizona.  It now seems a whole lot clearer as to WHY he accepted the invitation. 

Here's a preview of what Romley said:

"Let me first thank Chad, Randy and Julie for this.  It's a true, true privilege.  When Randy asked me to be on the panel, I of course, said 'yes'.  It's a true honor and he asked me to speak on the Department of Justice regarding the violations of civil rights....(Joe Arpaio's office)"

He then went on to list his recommendations for the DOJ:

1.  The longer it takes for the DOJ to investigate, they lose credibility.

"Joe Arpaio is masterful at manipulating the media in such a way that we begin to lose sight of what it is about.  I know this for a fact because it's what he did when I was County Attorney."

2.  No more negotiations.

"It's time the public become aware of the specifics of the allegations that are out there.  And only with that transparency, we as a nation, as a community, can stand up and say, 'this is NOT acceptable'.  That transparency, regardless of the cost, and I say to the Obama administration, I know it will be expensive, regardless of the cost, it's better to go to court to stop the lies that continue to come out of the Sheriff's office and now the County Attorney's office."

Also in attendance;

Paul.Castanada from the AFL-CIO, Roberto. Reveles (immigration activist who donated to CBA and Senator Jerry Lewis), Lilia.Alvarez (purported wife of Randy.Parraz and running against Kunasek for the Board of Supervisors) and of course, the self-proclaimed token "Republican", Chad.Snow.

Raquel.Teran didn't miss the opportunity to hit the campaign trail to attend the meeting sporting what appears to be her "Raquel.Teran for Senate" pin.  Standing on the right is Brian.Barabe, one of the founders of Parraz's first organizations to oust Senator Pearce called "East Valley Patriots for American Values".

Of course, Parraz and token "Republican" Snow wouldn't miss out on a photo op with their friend,
Board of Supervisor Mary Rose.Wilcox.  Notice the photo on display in the background.

Romley talking to another self-proclaimed "Republican" Paula.Pennypacker.