Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And The Award Goes To...

Randy. Parraz!  Mr. Parraz received an award by the LD18 Democrats for his role in the Russell Pearce recall.

Not to be left out,
Ken. Smith (left) and Jerry. Lewis (right) received "Man of the Year" awards for their efforts in ousting Senator Pearce.  Mr. Smith was one of the "Mormon lawyers" that the Parraz people talked about who helped in the recall efforts.

We know how Mr. Smith feels about the new Pearce challenger, Bob. Worsley.

He wrote a glowing public endorsement which we thought sounded awfully familiar.

March 2012
By Ken. Smith

     Bob Worsley is a very close friend of mine who just announced that he has decided to run for State Senator in the newly redrawn District 25. It is expected that Russell Pearce will announce later that he will run against Bob. I have known and worked with Bob for over seven years. I hand-picked him to take my place on the Citrus Heights High Council when I was called as a Branch President and later to take my place as the Branch President of the Arboleda Branch when it was split. Bob is a very kind, brilliant man with a vision. He excels at solving problems. Bob will use his business and accounting background to help fix Arizona’s economy and bring more jobs to AZ. A strong economy will fix a myriad of State problems, from unemployment to education. Bob’s wife Kristie shines. Minyon and I endorse Bob and Kristie 100% and hope you will support them as well. If you are willing to endorse Bob, please let me know by way of email ( and I get your name(s) to his campaign. Together, we can keep our state heading in the right direction. I will also help be raising money for Bob. If you can make a contribution, please let me know and I will help make the arrangements. For me and my house, we will make the sacrifice and max out for this good man.

From the Arizona Capitol Times:
August 4th, 2011
By Ken. Smith

Jerry Lewis is a class act. He is inteligent (sic) and honest. He wants the State to focus on jobs, the economy and education. Unlike his opponent, he has spent his entire career in the private sector and knows how to balance a budget and work well with others. Moreover, unlike his opponent, he was never fired by the DMV for corruption. LD 18 can play a big role in turning our State’s reputation and economy around. For me and my house, we are supporting Jerry. 

It's nice to see they are continuing the same strategy of playing the religion card.  They must not have been reprimanded for their blatant use of the LDS church the first time around.