Thursday, April 19, 2012 99% Training Videos From Around The Country

99% Advertisement for 99% Spring non-violent, direct action

Training the Trainers

At about 11:00 minutes into the video, they discuss the REAL story of Rosa Parks.

99% Spring Training:  Philadelphia
"Power in numbers going up against power with money."

More from Philadelphia  (Progressive Activist, Frank Arcoleo)
Trainer admits that goal is to get out the base and to persuade others (educate them) to vote for Obama.  (beginning of video and then again around 23 minutes)
(29 minutes)  "You're going to be able to say these in your sleep.  Middle class families are struggling. The rich get richer.  Wall Street speculators wrecked the economy." 

At 37 minutes, Arcoleo advised, "Don't feel like you've gotta know everything all the time.  It's good to have deeper knowledge....most of the time, just being able to say, 'Hey, guess what?  For the last 30 years, middle class has done nothing and the rich have gotten richer.'   That's a powerful statement!"

At 45:30 he says, "When framing any kind of issue or discussion, it's very important to have villains and heroes.  People really do connect with them.  It may be unfortunate that we as humans are wired that way, but they become very simple when we have a villain to connect with and say, 'Ah HA!  That's what's bad!' and a hero....that's perfect, right?"

4/14/12 99 Spring Training - Bob and Kerri (Occupy Hawaii)

Video tape your civil disobedience.  (oh, we know.) 

Ann Arbor Michigan presenting Chase Bank with a tax bill

Dallas Training

99% Training role playing

99% Training role playing (banking)

IUE-CWA - 99% Spring Training 

Flashback to 2008 Election. training for Obama