Friday, November 16, 2012

School "Design A Campaign Poster" Project

For a recent 7th Grade Social Studies project, students were required to design a campaign poster for one of four "candidates" running for Congress.  The students were required to include one reason why voters should elect their candidate such as the candidate's age, education, experience or their most important issue.

These were the options:

1.  Maria Hernandez
Age: 28
Education: B.A. Harrison College; LL.B. Johnson University
Profession: Attorney
Experience:  three years as assistant prosecuting attorney for Midland County
Most important issue:  in favor of tough laws on criminals and aid to crime victims
Campaign motto: Fight crime and help crime victims!

2.  Jim Silenski
Age: 33
Education: B.A. St. Ursula's College; M.A. Johnson University
Profession: social worker
Experience: 10 years as a social worker for United Charities
Most important issue: in favor of health insurance for every child
Campaign motto: No child should go without health care!

3.  Roberta Lozano
Age: 45
Education: B.A. Johnson University
Profession: homemaker
Experience: community leader for 20 years; most recently led campaign to provide computers for elementary schools
Most important issue: wants more money for schools
Campaign motto: Good schools produce educated workers and a strong economy!

4.  Brian Bedford
Age: 52
Education: two years at Erie Technical College
Profession: owner, heating and air conditioning business
Experience: 30 years as owner of a small business
Most important issue: wants to lower taxes
Campaign motto: Lower taxes means more money in your pocket!

Notice that three candidates are lawyers, teachers and socialist community organizers with carefully chosen last names?

Notice that the one obvious "Republican" is an old white guy who is "uneducated" and owns a small business?

Is it any wonder why the largest age group who voted for Obama were 18 - 25, if this is the kind of propaganda they are forced to swallow?