Thursday, November 8, 2012

Election Results

One of the biggest take-aways from election day is that the Republicans around the country including here in Arizona were out numbered in the GOTV ground game.  That, and rampant voter fraud. 

How is it possible that nationally, Romney received FEWER votes than McCain?  McCain!?!  In Arizona alone, there were over 500,000 FEWER votes cast for President this year compared to 2008.  Roughly 200,000 of those were former McCain votes.
Other things that don't make sense:
- Obama received 60% of the youth vote whose demographic has a 23% unemployment rate.
-  Exit polls showed that Obama was trusted to handle an international crisis with a 60% approval rating even after the Libya coverup.
-  77% said that the economy was "poor" but still chose to vote for Obama.
What IS clear is that we have lost a generation to the lure of socialism.   Obama received most of his votes from those between the age of 18 and 40.  Products of the 1970s education system takeover by the Progressives combined with countless episodes of The Jersey Shore and The Bachelor. 
Welcome to the "Occupy" Generation.

Obama - 66,882,230
McCain - 58,343,671

Obama - 60,459,974
Romney - 57,653,982
Results around Arizona:

Mitt Romney apx 875,000  55%
Barack Obama  apx 682,000  43%
 U.S. Senate
Jeff Flake  (R) 50%
Richard Carmona (D) 45%
(Republicans could only hold on to a Senate seat with a 5% margin?)
Maricopa County Sheriff
Joe Arpaio (R) 53%
Paul Penzone (D)  43%
Senate District 8
Barbara McGuire (D) 49%
Joe Ortiz (R)  46%
(It's a shame that the RVF and Senate President, Steve Pierce, chose to not help Ortiz fight the $130k that was spent opposing him in order to win this Senate seat.  Surely we could have found 900 more votes had there been an OUNCE of Republican support)
Senate District 10
David Bradley (D) 54%
Frank Antenori (R) 46%
(Again, it's too bad Antenori received no help to fight the $150k used against him)

And the LEAST shocking of all?
Senate District 26
Ed Ableser (D)  15,952  53%
Jerry Lewis (R)  12,802  42%
But then again...we predicted this would happen.  Force a recall.  Put up a "Lewsly" Republican to run knowing they will never win against a Democrat.

 The left in Arizona are already saying that they have a really good chance to turn Arizona blue by 2016.
Elections have consequences...