Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Land Of The Free-bies

Look what Janet Napolitano at the Department of Homeland Security is promoting for "immigrants":


Depending on your immigration status, length of time in the United States, and income, you may be eligible for some federal benefit programs. Government assistance programs can be critically important to the well-being of some immigrants and their families. Frequently, however, there is a lack of information about how to access such benefits. Benefit programs can be complicated and you may be given misleading information about how they operate.

Links are then provided directing the reader to official government websites and a variety of assistance programs such as:

Food Stamp program
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
Benefits and services for immigrant survivors of domestic violence
SSI benefits
State Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Hospital Emergency Rooms who are required to take you even if you cannot pay

The DHS has even put together a handy guidebook that outlines all of the FREEBIES that any new (unspecified) immigrant is eligible to receive.  Of course, the booklet also claims the United States is a "Representative Democracy."


The word “democracy” means “government by the people.” Democracy can have different forms in different countries. In the United States, we have what is called “representative democracy.”
This means that the people choose officials to represent their views and concerns in government.

According to the Census, 
  • The number of immigrants (legal and illegal) in the country hit a new record of 40 million in 2010, a 28 percent increase over the total in 2000.
  • Of top sending countries, the largest percentage increase in the last decade was for those from Honduras (85 percent), India (74 percent), Guatemala (73 percent), Peru (54 percent), El Salvador (49 percent), Ecuador (48 percent), and China (43 percent).

FLASHBACK:  Obama's $465 Workers Permit Amnesty And Jobs Plan

On May 17, 2007, the Cohen & Grisgsby Law Firm held their 7th Annual Immigration Law Update Conference.  The video essentially teaches employers how to steal jobs away from Americans.

The first step is to satisfy the Department of Labor's PERM (
Permanent Labor Certification) process by advertising often fake ad postings in newspapers or online to "demonstrate that no qualified Americans are available" in order to help secure green cards for H-1b workers.

We are complying with the law fully.  But, our objective is to get this person a green card and to get through the labor certification process.  So, certainly we are not going to try to find a place where the applicants are going to be the most numerous.  We're going to try and find a place again, where we're complying with the law.  And hoping, and likely not to find qualified and interested worker applicants.