Friday, July 6, 2012

Boost Employment. Deport An Illegal

If I were an unemployed LEGAL citizen in this country, I wouldn't be too happy with the recent developments from the Obama administration.  First, we had the Obama Executive Order which will hand out work permits to illegals under 30.  Next, we had the Supreme Court ruling this week that struck down the provision of SB1070 which made it unlawful for illegals to knowingly apply for, solicit, or do work in Arizona.  Then, within hours of the Supreme Court ruling, Arizona's own Janet Napolitano and the Obama administration gave the finger to Arizona when they announced that they would halt the 287(g) program completely .  This announcement essentially neuters Arizona from turning in those who are working illegally.

Remember how we heard the claims, ad nauseum, that illegals are simply doing the jobs that Americans either won't or refuse to do.

Unfortunately for them, we know it is just a ploy used to excuse illegal behavior.

Here's an example of how desperate LEGAL citizens are when it comes to finding a job at Pei Weis.  Right after Sheriff Arpaio raided the restaurant and arrested the illegals who were working there.

Well, now illegals can safely apply for those Pei Weis jobs again using fake or stolen IDs knowing the Obama administration will sit on their hands and do absolutely nothing.