Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pizza, Por Favor?

Pizza Patron

Dallas Pizza Chain Giving Free Pizza For Ordering In Spanish

A local pizza chain that made waves in 2007 for accepting Mexican Pesos for payment has come up with a new way to generate some buzz for itself, offering free pizza to anyone who orders in Spanish.  Dallas-based Pizza Patron will be offering free pizza on June 5 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to anyone who places their order in Spanish.
The promotion was announced in a company press release as a way to honor the “positive force of change immigrants have made in communities throughout America.”

Ah, yes.  Jason LeVecke, owner of the Pizza Patron and Carl's Jr. franchises.  Friend of Steve Chucri and other open borders groups.  Donor to Jeff Flake, his brother in law, Kevin Gibbons, and Kirk Adams.

We've discussed LeVecke before.

Jason LeVecke is the grandson of Carl Karcher, founder of Carl's Jr. restaurants. You may have recognized his name from the previously discussed Arizona Marcha website. Along with Jeff Flake, (who LeVecke donated $4600 to his 2008 campaign) LeVecke was also a speaker at the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform forum on May 30, 2007. You can listen to his arguments for supporting amnesty (aka- "comprehensive immigration reform") here. He encouraged those in attendance to call or email their federal state representatives and tell them "you want comprehensive immigration reform but not with employer sanctions". He also encouraged them to become supporters of AZEIR.
The current spokesman for AZEIR is Todd Landfried. 

LeVecke is another "Republican" who has testified and fought against E-Verify in 2007/2008. As the owner of over 150 fast food restaurants, one might guess that not being able to hire illegals at low wages probably affects his bottom line.

Not only did he fight against the employer sanctions law enacted in 2008 but he also actively campaigned against Russell Pearce.

In more ways than one.

1. LeVecke was behind the PAC Wake up Arizona! which was organized alongside Mac Magruder (owner of McDonalds franchises in Arizona) to fight the newly enacted employer sanctions laws. LeVecke's group MJKL alone donated $9500 along with Wake Up Arizona's over $38k contribution to a PAC called Stop Illegal Hiring which was set up to help pass the proposed "Stop Illegal Hiring Act" or prop 202 back in 2008. Its name is intended to confuse. It was actually a law which would lessen the already enacted employer sanctions laws and required Arizona to wait until the Federal Government took action first against an employer before the state would be allowed to do anything. Prop 202 failed at the ballot box. Because Wake up Arizona is a 501 (c)6, they are not required to file campaign finance reports.

Wake Up Arizona was also a plaintiff in a lawsuit filed against the State of Arizona (Napolitano, Goddard and Garriott) in an effort to stop the employer sanctions law. Other plaintiffs included:

Chicanos Por La Causa, Somos America, Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform (AZEIR), Chamber of Commerce of the US, Arizona Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Farm Bureau Federation, Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association (Steve Chucri), Associated Minority Contractors of America, Arizona Roofing Contractors' Association, Arizona Landscape Contractors' Association and Arizona Contractors Association.

2. He also contributed to other PACs who would then fund Pearce's challenger, Kevin Gibbons (Jeff Flake's brother in law). Sound like a familiar strategy?

LeVecke donated to the Mesa Deserves Better PAC which exclusively donated for the purpose of "advocating defeat against Pearce".

Other political contributions which LeVecke made went to:
Kirk Adams
Rich Crandall
Kyrsten Sinema 
Phil Lopes (outspoken former progressive member of the state legislature)

In June 2009, LeVecke attended an ImmigrationWorks USA Conference in Washington DC to speak about immigration. In his speech he said,

They will tell you it is entirely appropriate for states and local government
to enforce national immigration laws. If it was intended that states enforce
national immigration laws then why is it states do not have the
right to issue visas, or allow more people in legally, or institute their own
guest worker programs? If we continue down this path of states and local governments passing immigration laws and getting involved in enforcement, we will have a patchwork of different laws across this country making it
impossible for multi state employers to manage.

That certainly sounds familiar. 

"President Obama says it would be chaotic for states to create their own immigration policies...."
Jerry Lewis:  "We cannot be the federal government's agents in doing the job that they have to do."
Chuck Schumer:  If the Supreme Court upholds the Arizona law, Schumer said, he will introduce legislation to bar Arizona and other states from enforcing immigration law without the direct consent and supervision of the federal government.

Jeff Flake:  "The federal government puts local officials, whether they are law enforcement, city council or the mayor's office, in a horrible position, having them choose between setting up a day labor center so you deal with local concerns about property values and whatever else, or trying to enforce federal immigration law when you don't have the training and resources, and in some cases, the authority to do so. It's really a difficult problem and I don't think it's going to be solved in a piecemeal fashion. That's why I advocated a comprehensive approach."

Lisa Navarrete, spokeswoman for the advocacy group National Council of La Raza, says "For people to get offended or upset at this seems a little bit silly. It doesn't preclude anybody. Anyone can say, 'por favor.'"

La Raza?  "The RACE".  Telling US not to be offended?

It's not the words 'por favor' that is offensive.  It's the deep-seeded intention behind it that is the problem.