Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Kirk Adams And I'm A Phoenix

It must pay dividends by way of campaign donations to get a degree from the University of Phoenix.

Seeing Red posted a recent article on the lucrative donation that
Kirk Adams received for his Congressional campaign from John Sperling, Founder and President of the Apollo Group.

Donations to Adams also seems to run in the Sperling family.
Makes one wonder why the cozy relationship? 

John's son, Peter, also donated $2500.00 to Kirk Adams' Congressional campaign in June 2011.  He seems to be the only Republican Congressional candidate to have received such a donation and joins the illustrious list of fellow Arizona candidates and causes who have received generous contributions from Peter over the years.  These would include Harry Mitchell, Gabby Giffords, "a whole lot of people for Grijalva" and Planned Parenthood for Central and Northern AZ.  We can't forget to mention others such as Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, and the Solidarity PAC which is a "who's who" of leftist money shuffling. 

It appears that the Apollo Group PAC also made a $5000 donation to Adams' Congressional campaign along with his sidekick, Jeff Flake, who hit the mother load when he was given a cool $10,000 contribution. 

Other causes which have been the recipient of the Apollo Group's President, John Sperling's generosity include:

1.  In 1998, he donated $25,000 to the PAC "The People Have Spoken" to legalize medical marijuana (Prop 300) along with the infamous George Soros.  In fact, prior to 2002, Sperling had worked with financier George Soros on 17 marijuana ballot measures.  Also donating over $200,000 to the PAC was Peter Lewis of the Progressive Insurance fame. 

2.  Also in 1998, Sperling generously donated $25,000 to the Voter Protection Alliance in support of Prop 105.  That contribution was dwarfed by the $250,000 donation by his son, Peter.  Prop 105 which was a constitutional amendment that limited the Legislature's ability to alter a voter-approved initiative or referendum, was ultimately passed by the voters.  In the 2010 legislative session, Senator Pearce proposed SCR1033 in an effort to repeal Prop 105.  Groups like the Sierra Club opposed the repeal as did John Sperling.  Sperling donated a whopping $500,000 to the Protect your Vote PAC of which $400,000 was spent on a media campaign.

You can view Senator Pearce's explanation for the repeal. 

3.  In 2002, Sperling's philanthropic organization called the Aurora Foundation, donated $25,000 to Si Se Puede/Arizona United Farmworkers. 

4.  Also in 2002, Sperling donated just under $600,000 to the PAC "The People Have Spoken" to try to legalize marijuana...again.  Other donors to the same PAC?  His friends from 1998, George Soros who gave $400,000 and Peter Lewis $125,000.

5.  In 2006, Sperling donated $91,000 to the Arizona Together Coalition PAC which opposed Prop 107 and a ban on same-sex marriage.  The leftist Human Rights Campaign  which focuses on the LGBT agenda, contributed over $125,000.  Other donors included Scottsdale Attorney Bill Hardin who contributed $8000 to the PAC as well as another $4000 to the Human Rights Campaign.  Also, former Arizona state legislator, Steve May contributed $5000.

One of the Apollo Group's lobbyists is Don Issacson.  Mr. Issacson is both a member of Kirk Adams' campaign finance committee as well as a financial donor to his campaign.

We have to hand it to Mr. Isaacson.  At least he donates to mostly Republicans. (There was that donation to Steve Gallardo, however....)