Monday, May 28, 2012

More On Steve Chucri, In Case You Didn't Get The Memo Before

We vetted Steve Chucri before.

Steve Chucri is running for one of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor positions, along with Randy Parraz's wife, Lilia Alvarez.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out which way the Board would lean should they both win the election. 

We've learned by now that the Board of Supervisors meetings is where Randy Parraz and his ilk like to go and stage their feigned anger protests against people like Russell Pearce or Joe Arpaio.  You know, because they create and enforce laws that crack down on illegals.

Like this time.

And this time.

And this time.

And who can forget one of the FIRST times?

( Don Stapley caught at the Parraz Election night party at the Wright House in Mesa either before or after he showed up at Lewis' party.)

Did we mention that while Chucri was the President of the Arizona Restaurant Association, the ARA PAC donated to Jeff Flake's brother in law, Kevin Gibbons, when he attempted to run against Russell Pearce in 2008?

And that he is on the board of the Arizona Tourism Alliance who came out with an official statement on SB1070:

The Tourism Industry is deeply concerned about the repercussions that will result from the debate around Senate Bill 1070. Arizona tourism is currently in a very fragile state of recovery and the negative perceptions surrounding this legislation are tarnishing Arizona’s image and could easily have a devastating effect on visitation to our state.

The Tourism Industry was not part of the development of this legislation, but unfortunately is certain to experience the unintended consequences of the economic backlash. As we’ve seen many times in recent years, tourism is being used as leverage for a political issue with no direct connection to our industry.
Instead of driving our state’s economy even further into decline and punishing the 200,000 families who rely on tourism for their livelihoods, we proudly ask all Arizonans’ to support the diverse and global workforce that comprises the Tourism Industry and to invite friends, family, associations and businesses to visit and experience Arizona firsthand.

Chucri then went on record as having said this about SB1070:

"The Arizona Restaurant Association says business was better than expected in 2010 -- up more than $80 million over the previous year. But, President Steve Chucri wondered if it could have been better without 1070."

And this:

"Similar fears are being expressed in the restaurant industry. Steve Chucri,  president of the Arizona Restaurant Association, said some local restaurants are already feeling the affect of the new law.
"I can tell you I know that there have been cancellations of conferences," he  said, adding that that has an indirect impact to local restaurants.
Even though those who work in the restaurants are likely to be legal  immigrants, Chucri said "there's always been a sense of uneasiness since 2007,"  when the state passed a law that cracks down on employers who hire undocumented  immigrants.
"To take one's business license is serious action. When you saw that in 2007,  so many things happened. There is one thing clear: there is a need for  immigration reform in the nation," Chucri said. "When is Washington going to  wake up and answer the call?"

 (What about if our own state Senator, Raul Grijalva, hadn't called for a BOYCOTT on HIS OWN STATE? Where was his outrage over Grijalva's instigations and potential damage to the industries he represented?)
It also sounds like Mr. Chucri is still dwelling on the lawsuit he filed as President of the Arizona Restaurant Association against the State of Arizona over E-Verify in 2008.  Which is funny because just recently, Chucri said of Don Stapley, who is embroiled in legal troubles of his own,

"It's hard to ask for someone's vote, all the while suing them.  I think there's a fundamental disconnect."

Exactly how much of our tax dollars were spent defending the lawsuit Chucri filed against the state?  And now he's asking for us to vote for him too?

Shortly after E-Verify passed, Chucri alluded that the law created an increase in race-based attacks:

But other restaurant owners also have seen an increase in race-based attacks, said Steve Chucri, president and chief executive of the Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association, one of several business groups suing to block the employer sanctions law from taking effect on the grounds that the law is unconstitutional.

Adding it all up, it's pretty clear that Chucri isn't too fond of E-Verify and it's not looking like he's a big fan of SB1070 either.  Again, how will he be able to stand up to the pressure that awaits him should he win the election?  Will he agree to the leftist propaganda if they parade the "Arizona Accord" in front of the board?  Will he pacify the Parraz groupThe DREAM activists?  Will he vote to deny funding for our Sheriff that is intended to go towards illegal immigration enforcement as was already done by the board?

Chucri said,

"When is Washington going to wake up and answer the call?"

Is Washington the sole authority on how we can protect our citizens from those who choose to enter our country illegally?  That sounds like the same argument that the leftist "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" crowd takes.  Which sounds an awful lot like the shameless argument the DOJ used in front of the Supreme Court over the constitutionality of portions of SB1070.  It's WASHINGTON'S fault!  States don't have the authority to enforce immigration law!

We'll, we'll just have to see about that next month when the Supreme Court rules in favor of Arizona and SB1070.