Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Enroll America

Obama's only work experience prior to becoming President is that of a community organizer trained in the philosophies of Saul Alinsky.

Once a community organizer...always a community organizer.

And if all Obama knows is community organizing, what would he do if he wanted to facilitate his trademark legislation Obamacare?

You would organize groups in the community like churches, unions or Acorn-style organizations to go out and enroll people.

Like this one:  

Board members include members from Families USA, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Catholic Health Association, National Association of Community Health Centers, Kaiser Permanente, Maryland Citizens Health Initiative, and the American Hospital Association.

Let's look a little closer at a few of these organizations.

Board members include L. Toni Lewis from SEIU, Ali Noorani from the National Immigration Forum who is the Godfather of the Utah Compact and has ties to supporting amnesty candidates in Arizona, and Sister Simone Campbell from a group called NETWORK.  Sister Campbell spent the summer of 2012 campaigning for Obama and was even invited to be a guest speaker at the 2012 DNC convention.

Catholic Health Association

The President of the CHA is Sister Carol Keehan.  Sister Keehan was a supporter of Obamacare and even participated in "negotiations" between the White House and the Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding birth control. 

You can read how much Sister Keehan's commitment to Obamacare is worth.

George Soros is known to have funded Catholic groups who will push his global agenda including population control.  

National Association of Community Health Centers

The NACHC Community HealthCorps Navigators

The NACHC donated $7000 to Harry Reid's Searchlight Leadership Fund in 2012.  The group also donated to Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Bill Keating (D-MA), AmericPac (who donated $10,000 to Ann Kirkpatrick's campaign), The Democratic Party of Montana and the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.

Maryland Citizen's Health Initiative pushed for Obamacare with their slogan "Healthcare for All!" campaign.  Fellow partners included the SEIU, Moveon, Planned Parenthood, UFCW, etc.

Community Organizing.  
It's the New American way.