Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Governor Brewer's 2012 Speech At The Republican State Meeting Omits Any Mention Of Obamacare

To put this in context...This meeting took place two days after the famous "finger in Obama's face" episode.
Take note of the things Brewer mentions which Obama has done that were wrong for Arizona:

- Keystone Pipeline
- Land grabs
- Illegal immigration
- Gun running
- Housing
- Border issues
- Jobs
- Economy
- Terrorism

Curiously omitted is ANY mention of the massive federal over-reach of Obamacare and the unsustainable debt it will cause our state. 

Considering we spent much of 2010 picketing and protesting Obamacare at the Capitol and the offices of our elected leaders, one might think that if you wanted to get a rise out of a room of elected PCs at a REPUBLICAN STATE MEETING, this would come up...once.

Perhaps she got a call from the IRS on January 27th?