Sunday, February 3, 2013

Randy Parraz Goes To D.C.

He's BACK.......

Sitting on a panel in Washington D.C. at the end of January. 
Flanked by leftists
John "What Good Is Reading A Bill If It's A Thousand Pages" Conyers
and Jim "The Constitution Is Wrong" McGovern.
Parraz's comments about his role in the Republican Primary election in August 2012:
"We went into the field, several weeks going door-to-door, got 540 Democrats to re-register as Independents.  We increased Independent turnout by 300% and come election night, in a Republican primary, Russell Pearce lost by double digits."
"If you compare what happened in this last legislative session in Arizona, there weren't any 'racial bills.'  Wonder how that happened, right?  It was toned down severely because the person that we got elected named Jerry Lewis...  He put in the new President of the Senate, by one vote, and that new President said, a Republican, 'All of these bills are going in my drawer.'  And they stayed in his drawer."
Enlightening on so many levels.