Thursday, March 6, 2014

Democrats Vote Down Common Core Prohibition Bill

And by "Democrats" we mean the usual Republican posers.

Bob Worsley
Michele Reagan
John McComish
Adam Driggs
Steve Pierce

Sad to see that they voted to continue to abuse the young children of our state.  For what?  A few campaign dollars from Bill Gates and the Chamber of Commerce?  

To thumb their noses at the Republicans in our state who tried to stop these posers from expanding Medicaid and the Obamacare debacle which will strap incomprehensible debt onto these same children?

Looks like you CAN buy anything in this world...with money.  Souls, egos, and all.

Six reasons why ACTUAL Conservatives are opposed to Common Core:

1.  There is nothing conservative about centralizing education around a set of common standards.

2.  Conservatives object to the process in which they were adopted which allowed for little to no public debate, cut out the legislative process, and was introduced via the backdoor which cut out "We the People."

3.  While perhaps the intent was not to have hyper-federal involvement, but the fact remains it does which violates the Constitution and Federal law.

4.  Conservatives typically don't approve of student privacy being violated by data mining which will be fostered through the assessment consortiums.

5.  They simply are not rigorous, they are mediocre and the embrace of Common Core represents a collective race to the middle.

6.  They are costly and states adopted the Common Core and entered into assessment consortium without having a handle on the costs.  Is this good fiscal discipline?

Perhaps these politicians should take a page out of their favorite Common Core Standards and do a "close read" of the Constitution.  

And then the rest of us will work on voting them out of office....