Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sample Common Core ELA Lesson Plan

The Common Core Institute has put out a sample weekly lesson plan for 4th and 8th grade ELA.  Here is how the week broke down:

You'll notice that on Monday, the 4th grade class reads chapter 4 of the literary classic, "Where the Red Fern Grows."

That's it.

One chapter.

Which is exactly why the proponents of Common Core can claim that the standards require reading of classic literature.  They do.  Just not the whole book.  As evidenced by the lesson plan above, more importance is placed on researching pet adoption than reading the message of determination and love that protrudes throughout the book.

The 8th grade ELA lesson plan isn't any better.  It spends a week teaching students how to be good, little community organizers.

Here is a weekly lesson plan sample for math:

Algebra II - 
Monday:  "Warm up- Cell Phone Logic?"
Friday:  in Pairs: Compare future salaries
            individual:  Apartment Hunting

This same Common Core Institute posted videos of brainwashed children singing the praises of "C2" (Common Core) in Lake County, IL.    

"The Future is Calling Us"

Common Core won't EDUCATE our children.  It will teach cold, industrial, "skills."

Educate:  cultivate, develop, discipline, civilize, edify
Skills:  job, technique, trade, dexterity, know-how