Thursday, July 11, 2013

Et Tu Adam Kwasman?

Mr. Kwasman has recently announced his run for Congress representing CD1. The co-chairs for his campaign include none other than turncoat traitors Ethan Orr and TJ Shope.

After his speech on the House floor blasting Governor Brewer for her despicable manipulation during the Medicaid expansion and condemning the behavior of his fellow party members, Adam Kwasman was someone who left us believing that there was actually hope for our state.

His speech on the floor made him a rock star among conservatives.

He said, 
"Members, and specifically those in MY party today, I KNOW that YOUR constituents did NOT send you here to allow the minority party to run roughshod over this house and this body.  There have been rumors of the ousting of the Speaker of the House and that is WHOLLY inappropriate.....Shame on the members of this house and shame on the Governor for calling on this session."

He then went on to personally mention the names of the Conservatives in the gallery.

Funny...TJ Shope and Ethan Orr were not on that list. 

It was just back in March that his own district 11 censured Brewer for her attempt to expand Medicaid in Arizona.  She pulled it off with the help of 15 liberals which included...Ethan Orr and TJ Shope.

Now, Mr. Kwasman has chosen to bring Mr. Orr and Mr. Shope into his inner circle as he uses his new found fame to run for Congress.  No doubt to try and be the "big tent" candidate.

Some things in politics really never change.