Saturday, April 6, 2013

So You Think You Will Be Able To "Opt Out" Of The Common Core Assessments?

Think again.

According to the State Director of the Arizona Board of Education, Vince Yanez, by 2017 the PARCC assessment grade will be incorporated into the students final grade.  Parents will not be able to opt their child out of the assessment without it affecting up to half of their final grade which essentially means, the child will fail the course.


The plan:

And for a little comic relief, here's Ms. Stacey Morley again from the Policy Development & Government Affairs Office at the Arizona Department of Education testifying before the Education Committee about how the tests will be graded...

Ms. Morley joked that when she was in law school, her professor

"was like, 'You don't want me to grade more than five blue books a day.' "