Thursday, December 13, 2012

Immigration Reform. Here We Go....

Take a wild guess who is part of this "bipartisan" group and which Arizona delegation members approve.

We know that the Arizona Farm Bureau is one of the partners in the coalition.  We discovered the connection while researching Paul Brierley, candidate for the upcoming Maricopa County Republican Committee election on Lisa Gray's slate.  Brierley is a Director at the Farm Bureau.

Yes, Jeff Flake has signed on to the amnesty proposal.

Here is a link to Flake's comments at the Immigration Reform Now breakfast in 2007.  We weren't fooled over Flake's sudden change of heart on Comprehensive Immigration Reform last year.

Todd Landfried from the Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform posted recently on Facebook:
When Kyl, Flake and Ed Pastor agree, you have something. If you haven't read it (like our legislative leaders apparently haven't), go to and get a copy.
Landfried and his ilk are pimping their "SANE" plan to groups like Flake's former employer, the Cato Institute.  He posted the Cato article on Facebook and made the following comments:
Todd Landfried Did you see the AZ Republic article from today? Sen. Kyl, Senator-elect Flake and Rep. Pastor are supportive of the approach and the platform. This is pretty significant, don't you think?

Todd Landfried I didn't draft the plan, although I had a big hand in it. About 60 business, faith, legal, Latino, community and others helped draft it. We began in 2/12 and finished it 12/12.
Todd Landfried To my knowledge, all members of the delegation have been briefed. The ones I have spoken to have been very receptive and I'll point to the comments in Thursday's paper from Kyl, Flake and Pastor as the proof. Friday's AZ Republic editorial is also indicative of the response we're getting. Arizona is finally leading, in a good way.
The AZ Central article linked above states:

As Congress gears up to once again tackle the long-simmering issue of comprehensive immigration reform next year, a bipartisan Arizona group of prominent community leaders is hoping to lead the way with a four-point blueprint for fixing the nation’s broken borders and rehabilitating the state’s battered national image.

The coalition of elected officials, business leaders and civic activists wants to end Arizona’s reputation as a leader of enforcement-only measures such as the controversial Senate Bill 1070 by offering a broader solution that acknowledges the contributions of illegal immigrants and the role immigrants play in the economy.

The immigration-reform framework, unveiled Wednesday, already has been received favorably by several members of Arizona’s Capitol Hill delegation, including Republican U.S. Sen.-elect Jeff Flake, a six-term congressman poised to become a player in the coming debate, and the retiring GOP U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl....
Supporters of the plan say the state’s enforcement-only approach has created the impression outside the state that Arizona is hostile toward immigrants and Latinos and, as a result, has hurt the state’s economy by driving away tourists, conventions and business development.

“What we hope to do through leadership organizations, through individuals throughout the state and through our own elected leaders is to mitigate the damage that has been done to our state,” said Denise Resnik, co-founder of the Real Arizona Coalition, which is made up of 40 businesses groups, religious organizations, and minority- and immigrant-advocacy groups.
Flake applauded the work of the coalition, which he described as broader-based than groups that offered proposals in the past. He said he appreciated the inclusion of language calling for operational control of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“I looked at that a while ago, and it looks very good, frankly,” Flake told The Arizona Republic on Wednesday. “I think we have recognition everywhere that we need to have operational control at the border. Those that I’ve been talking to here in Washington, on all sides, recognize that needs to take place. That’s a change — that hasn’t been the case in years prior.”

He looked at it "a while ago?"  Why didn't Flake ever bring up his approval of the plan before...I don't know...the ELECTION?  

We've discussed THE REAL ARIZONA COALITION before. The coalition consists of groups like:

Since May 2011 TRAC has sponsored Arizona Immigration Solutions Conferences held around the state along with the group Arizona Employers For Immigration Reform (Todd Landfried).  Topics of discussion include:

  • The economic impacts of the Legal Arizona Workers Act, S.B. 1070 and other immigration policies on Arizona
  • Find out about the Utah Compact
  • Discover how other states have learned from Arizona's actions
  • Discuss other solutions to the immigration problem
  • Meet national leaders concerned about fixing the immigration problem

It is an attempt to "change the tone of the immigration debate."  According to the co-founder, James E Garcia,

“We can’t create an environment that (portrays) immigrants as the enemy or somehow a net drain on our economy.  We should understand them for what they overwhelmingly are: people, families and individuals who come to this country with the intent of helping build up this country. And if you look at the facts, that has ultimately been borne out...We certainly offer a moderate voice to the debate, but it is a voice that is motivated by the idea that immigrants should be treated with respect and they are a necessary part of our economy and society.

 On December 7th, the LA Times reported:
"As soon as the confrontation over fiscal policy winds down, the  Obama administration will begin an all-out drive for comprehensive immigration reform, including seeking a path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants, according to officials briefed on the plans....
Senior White House advisors plan to launch a social media blitz in January, and expect to tap the same organizations and unions that helped get a record number of Latino voters to reelect the president.
Cabinet secretaries are preparing to make the case for how changes in immigration laws could benefit businesses, education, healthcare and public safety...

 'The president can't guarantee us the outcome but he can guarantee us the fight,' said Eliseo Medina, secretary-treasurer of the Service Employees International Union...'We expect a strong fight.' "

Gird your loins.