Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Worsley Post-Election Review

Isn't it interesting that we have to wait until AFTER the election to hear the truth?  It's a little like when Nancy Pelosi said that we have to "pass the bill before we can see what's in it." 


Parraz and his new organization called Moving Mesa Forward personally collected over 200 ballots from people who voted for Worsley over Russell Pearce in the primary election.  They knew exactly which homes to go to in order to collect their ballots because during the recall, they registered over 7000 people throughout Arizona (with a focus on LD18) and made copies of the forms to keep in their office.  (They registered another 8000 leading up to the primary election last month). They also made sure to mark the Perminant Early Voter List (PEVL) box on the voter registration form so that the voter would automatically be mailed a ballot. 
"Maybe a ballot's owner had forgotten about his or her ballot, or was not intending to vote. Working off a list of such persons, a volunteer or a paid canvasser makes an appearance at a voter's door, encouraging the individual to fill out the ballot, and offering to deliver it to county elections."
A majority of the paid canvassers did not even live in Worsley's district.
Registering voters and collecting their ballots during the recall:

<------ LOOK!  It's Carmen Guerrero on the right!  We've seen her before!  

For those who weren't home, a flier was left on their door that looked like this:

 Was this what Worsley meant when he claimed he wanted to "elev8" Mesa from extremists?
"Parraz and his people have been targeting Independents and Hispanics this time around, urging Dems to register as Indies, and encouraging Indies to request Republican ballots, as they are allowed to do in Arizona primaries.
The result of MMF's efforts, brags Parraz, has been an estimated 2,000 votes scored for Pearce's rival in the Legislative District 25 GOP primary for state Senate, where Pearce mounted a doomed comeback."

According to the final vote count, Worsley only beat Pearce by 3600 votes of which 2000 can be attributed to Parraz. 

We've been hearing rumors that Parraz's group wasn't the only one encouraging Democrats to re-register as Independents in order to vote in the Republican Primary and elect a more lewsley Republican.  Especially in districts where a Democrat won't have a chance of winning in the general election.  At least not THIS time around. 

 Who is Parraz's next target?
 "Next we're going to defeat [Sheriff Joe] Arpaio," smiled Parraz,
holding up a handful of ballots bearing Latino surnames.
"Look at this, and they say [Hispanics] don't vote."

After Arpaio it will be Governor Jan Brewer.  After Brewer, we suspect the next target will be Andy Biggs.  After all, if gullible  Conservative East Mesa could be turned moderate....

Parraz's Citizens For A Better Arizona (CBA) funded Moving Mesa Forward to the tune of $40,000.  Let's not forget that Republicans donated to CBA during the recall. (Don Stapley, Liana Clarkson, Kenneth P. Smith) This money went to hiring 25 people to canvass on Bob Worsley's behalf during the campaign.


We have a glimpse into what Worsley will be like in the legislature based on Jerry Lewis' voting record and willingness to pander to Democrats more than Republicans. 
Worsley also posted the following on his Facebook page about compromise. 

"To avoid and women meet together and adjust their differences;  this is compromise.  He who stands unyielding and immovable upon a principle is often a fool, and often bigoted, and usually left standing alone with his principle while other men adjust their differences and go on."
Aside from Worsley's back-handed slap to the TEA Party (who actually stand FIRM in their beliefs and principles) by painting the them as fools and bigots, where is there any room to compromise with Marxism or Socialism? It is in the spirit of compromise between the elites of BOTH parties that is destroying our Country.  For some reason, the only ones who are expected to "give" are the ACTUAL Conservatives who support the TEA Party's values.
So, who IS the greater fool?