Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ready For A Raise?

This isn't a welcome kind of raise.  We're talking about the impending raise of our taxes in 2014 no thanks to ObamaTax.

Meet Washington Congressman Jim McDermott:

Now, remember back in the day when politicians lied,  misled,  abstained from using the term "single payer" when referring to ObamaCare?  And remember when Obama himself claimed that his plan was not a Trojan Horse for single payer healthcare?  That is, unless he was speaking in front of the AFL-CIO.

That was so 2008.

Back to Jim McDermott.  He said in 2009:
" 'It's in our face,' McDermott told a university healthcare group in a speech, according to the Monterey County Herald. 'We can't avoid it. That's why something is going to happen...there will be a campaign to support this from the grass roots. You need to place pressure on your congressman...They will react to people asking them, why don't you do something? There's no question people can make a real impact.' "

In March 2011, Rep. Conyers said that ObamaCare is a "platform" for building a single-payer health care system in the United States.

Remember when Rep. Allen West made the claim that there were upwards of 80 members of the House who were Communists and everyone laughed and ridiculed him?

From 2010:

At an April 24 , function in Seattle, David Loud, aide to Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA.) read a letter from McDermott, hailing local activist Will Parry as a leader of the fight for comprehensive, universal health care reform. "We are indebted to you for your years of service," McDermott wrote.

Parry, who was celebrating his 90th birthday, is a prominent local activist and a life long member of the Communist Party USA.

Jim McDermott is a member of the House Progressive Caucus which was founded by the Democratic Socialists of America.  Our own Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva is also a member.

Now look at Jim McDermott today during an interview with CSPAN last week:

"I personally favor a universal healthcare system, a single payer system....when you get sick, the government's a financing system.  The best and most simple financing system is a single payer system and is used in most industrialized countries in the world."

When you get sick, the GOVERNMENT pays?  You mean, the TAXPAYERS???

Of course, McDermott also said that the TEA Party just wants to tear down government without putting anything in its place.   It's pretty obvious he:
1.  Doesn't understand what the TEA Party stands for or what it represents.
2.  Has never actually read the Constitution to understand the proper role of government which would explain #1.


Other countries which have implemented Single Payer/Two Tier or Insurance Mandates and their highest marginal tax rates:

Country                      Type                      Marginal Tax Rate

Norway                     Single Payer                        48.16%
New Zealand             Two Tier                              33% (reduced from 66% in the 1980s)
Japan                         Single Payer                        50%
Germany                   Insurance Mandate              45%
Belgium                    Insurance Mandate              54%
United Kingdom       Single Payer                        40%
Sweden                     Single Payer                         56%
Canada                      Single Payer                         46%
Netherlands               Two Tier                             52%
Austria                      Insurance Mandate              50%
Finland                      Single Payer                       46.6%
Denmark                    Two Tier                             44.4%
Luxembourg             Insurance Mandate              39%
France                      Two Tier                              50%
Australia                   Two Tier                             47%
Ireland                      Two Tier                              42%
Italy                          Single Payer                        43%
Portugal                    Single Payer                        40%
Cyprus                      Single Payer                         35%
Greece                      Insurance Mandate             45%
Spain                         Single Payer                       48%
South Korea             Insurance Mandate              35%
Israel                        Two Tier                              50%

When the U.S. tax rate raises next year from 35 - 37%, we'll be inching ever closer to the rates of other single-payer nations.  All in the name of "fairness."